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After arriving in Cardiff airport and watching everyone else breeze through customs, I figured I would have no problem getting in. Unfortunately this wasn't the case. I must have looked pretty suspicious because the customs officials detained me. I spent a long time waiting around, being interviewed several times and asked the same questions over and over. They even looted my baggage looking for anything suspicious (they took my journal for 'further examination')! I wasn't too worried about it all until they asked me "If we don't let you into the United Kingdom, is there anything preventing you from returning back to Canada?" They were seriously considering refusing my entry! Eventually, though, they called Tom's place and talked to his mom, who set them straight and verified my story (thanks Jude) and they reluctantly let me into the country.

With that hurdle passed, I figured I would soon be on the next train to Swansea to meet up with Tom. Unfortunately, I didn't realize that today was a bank holiday and that the buses to the airport were running very infrequently. Thanks to the customs agents delaying me over two hours, I had just missed the previous bus and I had to wait another two hours for the next one. It eventually came and I was able to hop on a train to Swansea, albeit about 4-5 hours later than I had planned.

A good start so far!

casey says:
I can't believe you didn't tell me this!!!
Posted on: May 26, 2006
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photo by: Vikram