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The panoramic view we paid dearly for
We've been biking now for two days and the scenery along the Danube river has been amazing. Sometimes it's so nice that we don't quite think straight. For example, after dipping our feet in the water in Passau, we began biking down the Danube bike trail towards Austria. After an hour or so we came to the German/Austrian border. Now, since both countries are in the E.U., there are no passport checks, but there is a small tower (unoccupied), a short bridge, and a sign proclaiming you're entering Austria. Emma was so distracted by the scenery that she didn't even realize she had crossed into a new country! I stopped to appreciate the occasion, then raced to catch up and tell her she was now in Austria.

We stayed our first night in a region named the 'Danube bend.
A beautiful abbey en route to Linz
' Here the river, blocked by mountains, diverts its course back towards its source for a short while before finding a route through the hills. This gives it a kind of zig-zag shape. Our guesthouse was up on those hills and we wanted to find a panoramic view before descending back down to the river path for the today's ride. So we set off through empty Austrian roads, barely marked on our map, searching for a lookout. After an hour or so of random searching, we did find a nice scenic spot with great views over the Danube bend.

Now we were faced with the task of getting back down to the river. As one can easily imagine, the scenic lookout was perched atop a steep cliff. Our options were to retrace our steps and start again from our guesthouse or take our bikes down a 1-hour long hiking path.
A tower in Linz
We were in no mood to double back so we started our bikes down the hiking path. Unfortunately, the path quickly became quite narrow, steep, and rocky in many spots and we had to carry the bikes down most of the way. In the end, we spent about 3 hours on this diversion and didn't arrive here in the city of Linz until very late today. To top it off, our hotel in Linz was on top of the highest hill in the city and we had to push our bikes up it before we could relax.

Fortunately, Linz is a very nice city, with a cobblestoned medieval city centre with some pretty buildings around the main square. We descended into the centre for dinner, but soon yearned for some rest after our long day. We headed back up the hill to our hotel and it started to rain. We took shelter under the trees of a large park. The park was so nice that, despite our tired muscles, we explored it for a bit. We discovered a tiny chapel and a small tower hidden in there, both of which were very cool in the night lights. There were also some very nice views of the rest of the city from this point. We got a bit lost in the woods, but eventually found our way back to our hotel, where we were asleep in no time. Hopefully tomorrow will be a bit easier!
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The panoramic view we paid dearly …
The panoramic view we paid dearly…
A beautiful abbey en route to Linz
A beautiful abbey en route to Linz
A tower in Linz
A tower in Linz
photo by: Saskia007