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A happening city by night
For this part of our trip, we were planning on visiting a friend of Emma's in Innsbruck, Austria. That fell through and we were suddenly faced with a gaping hole in our otherwise tightly scheduled itinerary. We pulled out our guidebook and train schedule and looked at our options. Greece? No, too far by train. Romania? No, Guido warned us not to go there. In the end, we decided to visit the smallest country in eastern Europe... Slovenia! Not to offend our new Slovenian friends, but we had never heard of this country before we decided to visit it. But now that we've been there, we will never forget it.

We caught a train from Vienna to Slovenia's capital, with its tongue-twisting name, Ljubljana. It was very amusing trying to explain to the German ticket lady where we wanted to go when we couldnt pronounce the name.
The Three Bridges - can you spot the Space Invader?
When we arrived, it was getting late, but the place was absolutely full of people hanging out by the river enjoying the night air. We had a little trouble finding our hostel because it's sign was hard to spot. It looked like it was made by second-graders using construction paper. We were quickly asleep and didnt go to see any more of the city that night.

We did get to go exploring the next day and found we liked the city very much. Although it is the capital and contains all the necessary political and commercial buildings, it doesnt feel like a huge city, more like a fun town. There is a bit of graffiti in the public areas, but it is all very playful. I even spotted a space invader fresco! We started our city tour by visiting the fabulous outdoor market stalls for breakfast and lunch. Then we climbed up to the castle and checked out the great view from the tower. From up there you can see how hilly a country Slovenia is. We then wandered the town and took in all the famous sights we had never heard of, such as the Three Bridges, Preseren Square, and the Dragon Bridge (a fun bridge guarded by dragons and hippogryphs). We had a great time and found a nice vegetarian restaurant for dinner.

We've enjoyed our trip to this vibrant capital city and our next entry will be from another mysterious destination in Slovenia. Stay tuned!
Eric says:
Ljubljana was one of my favorite cities, felt like a smaller, more manageable and less touristy prague.
Posted on: Aug 26, 2006
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A happening city by night
A happening city by night
The Three Bridges - can you spot t…
The Three Bridges - can you spot …
Ljubljana panorama
Ljubljana panorama
Dragon Bridge
Dragon Bridge
photo by: Chokk