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Favourite pink thongs (flip flops) often need more than duck tape for survival.

If there is not enough water pressure to get your hair wet – then there is certainly not enough to get the shampoo out of your hair– so don’t put it in to start with.

If the Aspro Clear pack says ‘dissolve in water’ then that’s what you do.  Don’t just wack it in mouth on the bus.  One, it tastes like a sodium explosion and two, you will look like a dog with rabies within seconds.

If you type a massive email and then encounter a problem on the hotel computer – don’t ask the desk clerk for assistance.  Even I am capable of turning the power off and back on again – and losing the entire email in the process.  Thanks.

If the menu says orange juice, and you ask for an orange juice – that doesn’t mean that you will get an orange juice.

Likewise, an air conditioner in your room, although exciting at first, doesn’t necessarily mean that it works.  And if you can get it to blow out air, it may not be cold.

Always check that you have a towel in the bathroom before jumping in the shower.  Just as you always check that you have toilet paper – yes, always!

Don’t open your mouth whilst splashing around in the dead sea.  If they say it is 30% salt, then it is going to taste like the aspro clear – not nice.

Yes, it is good to sleep with the window open – when the air con doesn’t work.  No, it isn’t nice to wake up to 20 minute long Ramadan chants at 5.30am. 

Stocking up on carbohydrates before a big climb really only increases the weight you have to haul up each step.....after step.....after step.......

If you are looking for the Dead Sea and you see a sign that reads “Died Sea” – follow it.  You wont be disappointed.

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photo by: benwielenga