Climbing up, up and up Mt Sinai.

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A well needed break at Cairo's bazaar.

The 7 hour bus ride that bought us into Sinai gave us a small bit of sleep ��" the kind that finds you resting your head against vibrating glass or constantly trying to keep your head upright by jerking your head back everytime you nod off.  We needed every bit of energy  for the climb that awaited us.  For reasons our tour guide wouldn’t explain to us fully ��" we had a security guard accompany us through the desert to Sinai.  He was the picture image of a bouncer back home ��" dressed in a suit but carrying a gun.  Didn’t really make any of us feel more secure ��" rather the opposite.  We couldn’t work out who or what he was supposed to protect us from ��" bandits or the police?  Anyway, guns are everywhere in Egypt whether you’re wearing a suit, a police uniform or just casual clothes.

Ok, tilt your head sideways - this one didn't rotate.... climbing up Mt Sinai
  That’s one thing I wont miss!  And I definitely wont miss the ‘baksheesh’ requests all day ��" people putting their hand out for a tip or just for charity.  Our first experience with this was in Cairo when we first arrived at our hotel.  The ATM we used was broken so a police officer pointed to another down the street.  He followed us to the ATM, waited till we were cashed up with $100 bills then asked for his baksheesh. 

Back to Sinai though.....We set out to climb Mt Sinai around 3pm which had us walking in the shade for most of the trip which was great ��" middle of the desert and about 40 degrees in the sun otherwise.  A few chose the camel option but I already was dressed for a game of beach volleyball, had limited water and was equipped with only lollies so walking up this great mountain was my only option.

The easier option up Mt Sinai
  Yep, flashbacks to Mt Kinabalu in Borneo were frequent but I pushed them aside knowing that this ascent was only a 2 hour climb and not the 5-6 hour one that I endured back then.  It was tough though and I was pretty proud to reach the top of the mountain in an hour and 44 minutes (of course it was the guys in the group that timed everyone ��" and I thought I was competitiveJ ).  I finally found out the significance with Moses too ��" it was where God gave him the 10 commandments. This bought on a heap of guys grabbing big slabs of rock at the top of the mountain and holding them above their heads (just like Moses) for us picture snappers.  Very funny pics.
How we felt after we had climbed Mt Sinai. Actually - is that Moses?? See, even he is still sleeping it off.

That night we stayed in a great resort set at the foot of Mt Sinai.  All I’m gonna say about this resort is that it had a pool table ��" first encountered on the trip so far.  This provided us with hours of entertainment even though the cloth was crappy, the balls had pot holes in them and the ‘cues’ were just sticks.  There is a whole new art form in this kind of pool. 

The next day we set off to Nuweiba ��" a beach resort type of place.  We transformed our group from the temple searching travellers into poolside sloths very quickly.  This is the nicest resort we’ve had on our trip ��" fitting for out last night in Egypt.

Our group - sunset at the top of Mt Sinai.
  We have a pool ��" complete with swim up bar.  Deb and I loaded up Sam with our cameras ��" jumped in the pool and ordered our cocktails complete with little umbrellas.  Alas, Ramadan left us with soft drinks or juices ��" a lost photo opportunity there, an umbrella in a diet coke just isn’t the same.

We had a true ‘discoteque’ experience last night ��" Egyptian style.  The group of us went to this ‘disco’ to celebrate the birthday of Marg from Canada and Mego ��" our tour guide.  We had a blast with a belly dancer pulling us into the centre of the dancing circle for our 15 seconds of fame ��" far from the disco’s I used to go to where the only thing in the middle of the circle were shoes and handbags.  It was fun though and we danced the night away.  The group retired on the beach with some sheesha but I still had the memory of too much sheesha ringing in my ears (literally) after the night on the felucca and had an early night.

St Catherine's monastery at the base of Mt Sinai.
  Feel better for it today at least.

Today it is a game of pool polo.  Then we check out of our paradise hotel (did I mention the hot water and the hairdryer even?? ��" ok, ok, I’m a princess at heart) and we take a ferry into Aqaba in Jordan.  It’s time to say goodbye to Egypt.  It’s been a great week so far.  We’ve seen so much and crammed in so much too.  It’s been very much go, go, go though.  I think I would’ve liked a bit more hedonism at beach resorts but other than that ��" it’s all good.  I wonder what Jordan holds for us.  The highlight I can’t wait for is definitely Petra ��" the whole group is talking about it like kids talk about Christmas.  Much anticipation!  

Well, goodbye for now ��" and goodbye Egypt.  Thanks for having us.

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A well needed break at Cairos baz…
A well needed break at Cairo's ba…
Ok, tilt your head sideways - this…
Ok, tilt your head sideways - thi…
The easier option up Mt Sinai
The easier option up Mt Sinai
How we felt after we had climbed M…
How we felt after we had climbed …
Our group - sunset at the top of M…
Our group - sunset at the top of …
St Catherines monastery at the ba…
St Catherine's monastery at the b…
Mount Sinai
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