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I think that buses are the main form of domestic travel in Argentina. I don’t really know this since I have yet to check out statistics or travel patterns of modern Argentines, but it does seem that way. These buses make it easy and affordable to go around the country. Double-decker sleeper buses are amazing beasts. They allow a lot of people (more than 60) to sleep together from one town to the next. What is so different about Argentina and the U.S. that very few of us can say we have spent the night on a Greyhound? I have never been on a Greyhound, but I assume that there are few ‘luxury’ options. Greyhound is the bottom on the line as far as domestic U.S. travel goes. Which is really amazing to me, because every time I’ve looked at their prices and Amtrak’s they are pretty comparable to flights.
From Atlanta to Miami one-way Greyhound is $120, Amtrak is $206, and Airtran is $104. What’s up? That’s just for the basics. Why would you spend more time and more money in the land of fast- (fill in the blank... food, banking, lane) for travel? On the Argentine buses you can go super luxury for not much more. You get a meal and a steward and a bigger, more comfy, lazy-boy like seat with a window to the countryside. This comes with a huge price difference than the short domestic flight. Here you weigh out your options of spending time and money. In the U.S. your options don’t make sense. The only option you have is to hop on a flight. Trains and buses are used by some population in the States that are totally invisible. Who are these people? Do they get discounts that aren’t posted for the rest of us on the web? Overall, I’ve enjoyed the buses. They have a little bit of a temperature issue ranging from asado-hot to andes-cold, but that just makes for multiple costume changes. The best thing is that they have so far been very reliable. They arrive and depart pretty much on time. The stations are pretty easy to get around, even for one who doesn’t speak the language. For me it’s worth saving the extra pesos. They go everywhere, they’re cheap, and the bus stations are fun for people watching. What more do you want from transportation?
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