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Since the beginning of this program, I have eaten out a lot. I say that as I indulge in a crazy layered café concoction at Martinez. This weekend though, was special. My Cordoba travbuddy and I decided to indulge in a higher experience. We spent hours at one of the best restaurants in Cordoba. We came in early and stayed late, and it was worth every minute. Our waiter was so attentive, yet fun. I liked the attentive part since that doesn’t happen so much in the cafés. Not that I’m criticizing the way the system works. I really like not being bothered for hours and its kind of nice that the waiters aren’t totally running around trying to please the customer and begging for a big tip. But it was great to have this level of service. We took our time ordering and deciding what wine would go best (that has yet to be a tough task in Argentina). The complementary taste of wine right when we sat down helped. There was no feeling of being rushed. Sometimes when dining in the States I have that instinct (as a waiter) that my table is being stalked for a quicker turnover. Not so here. Course after course with no rush… ah. I had no idea how long we had spent until it was time for flan. That’s a good meal. I had nowhere to be, no worries about some responsibility I was pushing off. And best of all, I knew I was taking a taxi home. When can I say that in Atlanta? Eating out nice is such a treat, especially when you are with someone who is enjoying the experience as much as you are. By the end of the meal I really felt completely satiated. The whole occasion had been over the top. And just when we thought we were done and paying the check, our waiter pushed two more glasses of champagne on us on the house. Amazing Argentine hospitality. I can be a little bit of a food snob at home, but when traveling I rarely choose to indulge in such a nice meal. I’m the first to eat off the street and grocery shop to try and act like a local, but that night in Cordoba taught me a whole new way to travel. Experiencing the life of the high society locals when you are abroad is just another form of cultural immersion.
MartinFinigan says:
Hi, can you tell me what was the name of the restaurant? I am going to Cordoba next month and it sound nice.

Posted on: Sep 30, 2007
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