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this weekend's excursion across the river was just what i was looking for. i got to see a little bit of argentina and the country across the river to get a better feel for what's going on. its seems that there is no comparisson to bs. as. and the rest of the country. everything from buses, to architecture, to the plazas had a different feel to it. lynn and i took an overnight bus to concordia with intension of using it as just a transit city to head to salto uruguay. since we had to wait a little bit for the first ferry, we took our time walking through the streets to check things out. concordia feels like a ghost town. there are such beautiful houses, some with spanish tile roofs, but it seems like no one is living there. the people that we did see tended to be older and out for a walk with their dogs. there were horse drawn carraiges with rubber tires for wheels for what seemed transporting of large amounts of stuff. everyone was really friendly and patient with us as we asked directions and practiced our spanish. our initial thoughts were that this was a tourist town and that it was off season. when we traveled to the hotsprings of concordia the next day, there were plenty of tourists. this spot is a little out of town though (about 15 minutes via taxi and what felt like 2 hours by bus). taking the ferry across the river was great. we got to see both coasts for about 20 minutes as we headed up river to salto. that too was deserted though. especially when we were going to uruguay. on the way back that evening though we took the last ferry which was a little more crowded. salto the city was pretty similar to concordia. we didn't get to walk around, but we were on the bus for awhile as we headed to the termals. we definetly were the odd ones though wrapped up in layers while everyone else seemed ok with the chill. it took us awhile to actually make it to the termas. some twisting and turning that only is perfected when you really have no idea where you are, don't speak the language, and are working with a pretty shitty map. those are some of my favorite times in traveling though. lynn and i took a backroad for awhile and checked out the sheep and dogs and common grazing grounds of the town. it was worth getting lost. finally we were at the termas and if i ever started to feel a little old, that was cured as soon as we walking into the gates. it was like 'cocoon' when jessica tandy dips into the fountain of youth. everyone there was pretty up there in age. looking for some relief. it was cute though and very beautiful. we did head back to check out the arg hot springs where it was more of a family crowd. the arg side though was a national park with a hostel while the urg side was more resortish. that could explain the difference. the park was amazing though. log cabins and good food. best food in the southern cone as of yet. i had my first fish empanadas. wow! we brought back a few just because we couldn't walk away from so much flavor. go to concordia and salto!!!
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photo by: Lasttraveller