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so buenos aires is a great city.  so much to do round the clock that anytime is a perfect time for something social.  which is why i´m leaving for the weekend.  i need an out of this city.  i feel like i´ve been in paris for two weeks now and i just realized that´s not the mindset i want to be in.  i need a little latin air.  a good long bus ride far from the city to clear my mind.  i´ve been on bs as time too long and its time to slow down.  it is wonderful to be living in such an alive city, its just that i need a rest from all the lights.  the group living, the wake up calls, the cleaning ladies, the espresso and mate (although i´m sure i´ll be mateing this weekend).  i need a dose of the country to feel like i´m in another country.  bs as could be anywhere.  ok not really.  i mean there are definite characteristics that are unique to this place alone... the mullets, the markets, the cigarettes, but all combined i feel like i´m in a generic euro city.  riding on the bus around town i could be anywhere.  i´m not ready to feel like that yet. 

tonight i´m taking my first microbus out of this crazy town that never sleeps.  its a super sleeper where the seats turn into beds practically.  this will be much different than my increadible india overnight buses of slightly reclining for hours on a bus with extreme temperatures and men that are staring at you from the time you go to sleep until you wake.  well i hope it will be different. 

i´m off to see a little piece of what we´ve been talking about for a couple of days now... the uruguay river.  our discussion has centered around the arg/urg debate over the pollution of the river.  urg wants to continue with pulp mills that are located on their side, while arg sees the river as theirs as well and are resistant to accepting the pollution that will occur because of the mills.  although i will be north of where these mills are i´ll still get to cross the area of conflict.  it will be interesting to compare the two countries and see what´s going on.

but this trip isn´t really educational to be honest.  there are hotsprings on the uruguay side and i just can´t help myself.  it was super brisk here today and it will be nice to slip into the water.  so we´ll what a trip out of the city will do for me.

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