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   The day of celebration for one's birth should always be a happy and joyous affair.  Idealy, it is fitting that the celbrant be surrounded by the closest of friends and family for such an occaision.  It is a time to reminice of times gone by and those yet to come.  What then, is a birthday away from home?

    This year was my first birthday away from home in 21 years.  The big 2-1.  Finally completely legal and officially an adult, to be politicaly correct.  However, the experience was surreal for all the wrong reasons.  I could not lie to myself about my own emotions with the convictions far too strong to ignore.  My family was so far away from me at the time, but in a strange sense they were closer than ever to my heart.

    I am maturing in ways I never thought possible before but in many senses I am still a child.  I cried my first night in Buenos Aires, the first night out of the country away from my familly, and have not come close to the same instance as when my birthday rolled around.  I knew that this would happen, who could deny that some loneliness would creep into the emptiness where your closest friends once were.  Why is it that you have to leave in search of what you want, only to find what you truly need was so close before? 

     For most of my life I have wondered what the rest of the world has instore for me.  In a years time I will spend a semester in Chile.  I want to see and experience life away from home.  However, I never imagined that in such a short time I would come to miss my fmaily so much.  You know, every year, a week in the later part of June, the Brannen clan travels to Hilton Head, South Carolina.  Normality? Not so much, but more so a feeling of fellowship that is hard to replicate.  That is something I have had a hard time replicating so far on this trip.  Maybe it is unrealistic to expect to feel the same in such a short time with new people.  I now know that what I really need in life is a sense of belonging and togetherness with those that surround me.  Familly, after all, are always there for you, even on your birthday away from home.
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