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Tango is more than just a dance.  What first struck my as an Argentine mix of ballroom dancing and ice skating is much more.  My original impression of Tango was formed at the dinner and show theatre, Senor Tango.  Most self resecting men are not normally inclined to attend such events.  However, the drinks were free and it sounded like a good time.  I could not have been more right.  What it turned out to be was a manifestation of everything that a Las Vegas show embodies.  Bright lights, smooth music and flashy dancing all came together in a very visually stunning performance.  Something was missing though, an understanding of what Tango really meant.  It made clear that through dance, a reflection of a part of the people can be seen.  People in Argentina are without a doubt expressive.  This is not in a prude or over exhuberant sense, but self expression in moderation shows passion.  So, when an artist performs a dance or piece of music, the performance is captivating.  Maybe because the moves can produce a trance like effect, but more so because the performer is in a trance.  Tango requires your complete and total attention.  As I found out tonight at our lessons, what first struck me as a silly dance requies a fair amount of dexterity.  Once you get past the technicalities of the footwork it is much easier to get caught up in the rythym.  Silk like motions and swift manuevers provide the means to escape to another world.  Somehow tango mananges to use such a gift to bring people together.  There must have been an age gap of atleast 60 years between the youngest and oldest participants tonight.  Which shows that not only I am beginning to be seduced by Tango, others years apart from myself are intwined as well.
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