Has the Roethlisberger met its match?

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A night on the town in Buenos Aires is hardly mundane.  There are enough restaraunts and bars within the city to satisfy the entire world.  The destination for tonight, a quaint bar called Henri.  You might say that the name is slightly, well lame, but the food was nothing short of fantastic.  Sidenote, when Ben Roethlisberger signed for the Pittsburgh Steelers, it was seen as the second coming of Terry Bradshaw.  The former University of Miami quaterback was relatively underrated coming into the draft but Bill Cowher saw the potential.  His innagural season in the NFL speaks volumes about his composure and maturity.  So, losing out in the playoffs, what did the city give him in return?  The namesake for the greatest sandwich in the world, the Roethlisberger.  A collossçus of sausage, egg, steak, cheese and everything else imaginable, it is a fitting tribute to a man who stands tall in teh pocket under pressure.  I thought that I had reached the top of the culinary kingdom after treating myself to a Roethlisberger this past superbowl, Roethlisberger´s second season, but tonight I think it has met it´s match.  Henri has what they call a Lomo Henry.  Essentially, a Lomo is a steak sanwich that can be prepared in many different ways.  However, the Lomo Henri, the marque product, is a man among boys.  It is of ham, cheese, eggs, steak, cucumbers, lettuce, etc.  All of it piles on the sweetest bread I think I have ever tasted.  Simply put, it was divine.  Although, I´m not sure that the two are comprable since I was not able to finish the Roethlisberger.  That, more than the quality of a sandwich, speaks volumes that words can not.

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On the weekends we are left to fend for ourselves as the residence does not provide meals.  Saturday night I set out to conquer the local supermercado, Disco.  It takes everything that a Kroger has back home but it maybe half the size.  Space is such a commodity in the city that everything is packed together.  Even then, I had trouble finding some disposable silverware.  It is not exactly the easiest thing to understand ingredient labels or read the aisle signs when I have trouble ordering food.  Just needing breakfast for tomorrow and some snacks for the afternoon, I did not expect to be there that long.  Except I then remembered that I needed shaving cream.  Seems easy enough except I did not know any of the words that were associated with shaving supplies.  After what seemed like forever, more like 15 minutes, I found all the ones that had afeitar on it and then picked the cheapest. Then I spent almost as long trying to decide what type of cheese I needed.  It was different that in the states, where here most of the cheese are sold based on weight.  I guess the Clark Howard consumer wizard inside me wanted to get the best deal possible.  Even checking out was difficult.  To use my visa card I had to provide an identification number along with i.d., a country code and other various information.  After spending what really was an hour at Disco, I left to eat back at the residence.  Next time I just go buy some empanadas.