Afternoon at the Market

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It was not quite like the market in Juarez, Mexico but still an experience.  There must have been over a thousand  shops and nearly as many items.  Unfortunately the busy day is supposed to be Sunday , eventhough I can not imagine there being any more shops.  What was amusing though is the number of shops selling the same thing.  So, if you say something that you wanted, you would need to go ´Clark Howard cosumer wizard´ and see if there was a better somewhere else.  It was different than Juarez in that there really is not any bargaining.  Since most of the products are hand made, it is considered an insult to try and ´negotiate´a deal.  Nevetheless, most of the prices were more than reasonable.   Also, seeing the people make what you are about to buy while you are looking at the stand makes you more inclined to pay what they are asking.  I mean, how cool is it to say that you bought something in Buenos Aires, Argentina, let alone that they made it for you.  The atmospehere of the entire area was very laid back.  There were several grassy areas where local musicians has set up speakers to  play their own music.  The magicians were by far the best though.  It was reminiscent of primary school field trips.  One of the more amusing things was watching some of the locals.  They had set up a rope between two trees and were trying to jump over it.  Each person would try to jump further and higher than the last guy.  Finally, it happened, when one guy made a crucial mistake.  He tried to jump too high and ´caught´ himself half way on the rope.  Needless to say the result produces a universal reaction, uncontrollable laughter.  Soon after everything was back to as it was before, everyone enjoying the moment and relaxing in the sun.
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