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church of our lady!
Today has to be one of the most crazy days of our whole entire trip! When I woke up I was shocked to find that Billy and MelissaP weren't there and had actually caught their train. I didn't think they were gonna make it after last night haha. Today Melissa and I set off to explore the great city of Munich but with first order of business being food (ofcourse!) After breakfast we went to the train station to book our tour to the Neuschwanstein castle. After that we went to Starbucks where they ask for your name when you order a drink and then when it's made they say, "Mocha Frappuccino for Lori." Apparently they do this at alot of Starbucks but I have never had this happen to me and was quite impressed.
Crazy!! Melissa, me, ali, michelle, and heather!
So on our site seeing day of Munich, we first stopped at Marienplatz. Then we went to Frauenkirche (church of our lady) which is the church with the two onion dome towers. We climed the 100 or so stairs to the top of one of the towers and got a pretty good view of the city. From there we wanted to head to the English Gardens but along the way the craziest things happened. First of all, were walking down the street and this lady just comes up behind us and wraps her arms around us and says "CANADA!" (we have Canadian flags sewn onto our bags btw, who doesn't?) This lady was an old German lady and she just started talking to us all excitedly about how much she likes Canada and how the politics in Germany are bad. Then she started pointing out in which direction all the stuff we have tosee in Munich is.
In english gardens with our beer in the mugs that we stole hehe
She was really funny and she was speaking this weird combo of english and german and we couldn't really understand us. But she was a nice little old lady and she made our day. After that encounter, as were still making our way to the English Gardens, two girls run up to us and are like, "OMG you guys went to Thomas Haney!!" The two girls were Ali and Michelle who went to the same highschool as us but gradded a year before us. I was in the same spanish class as them with Melissas twin sister Lindsay (at first they thought Melissa was Lindsay hehe) So totally small world eh?! They had been in Europe for about 3 and a half months backpacking around Europe. They had already been to Munich but they stopped over for the day from Budapest as they were waiting for a night train to Paris.
A guy surfing on the wave!
So we started hanging around with them and they showed us the way to the English Gardens. As were walking we started talking about highschool and people from there and we were talking about two girls who gradded with me and Melissa named Heather and Allison. They were also in europe but we didn't know where abouts. We finally got to the English gardens and we had 1/2 L beers and fries sitting in the park. It was pretty sweet. We all stole our mugs as a souveniers and it makes a pretty good one I'd say hehe. Anyways as were walking out of the park we see a girl who looks an awful like Heather and wouldn't you guess it, it WAS Heather!! So we run up to her and are like omg!! Totally crazy that we all end up meeting in the same city on the same day. Like what are the chances?? Anyways Heather tells us that Allison is arriving later that day on a train and we all plan to meet up at their hostel for drinks later.
walking down the street eating a box of shocko balls
After that we went to that man made wave and watched a guy surf on it for a while. It was pretty cool. Unfortuanately the water was all brown and muddy because the rain yesterday stirred it up, but Ali and Michelle said that it is normally a really pretty blue and that's the colour it was when they were there last time. Then we headed to a grocery store to buy some food where we bought some more choco croc, but in germany its called Shoko balls lol. We split off with Ali and Michelle just for a bit to go back to our hostel and sort stuff out but we met up again later at a Kebab place to have dinner and then to go to the Wombats hostel to meet Heather and Allison. This was our first kebab we had in Europe and it  was SOOOO good!!! We ate many more kebabs after this day haha.
Girls from London! Sarah and Michelle
Then we went to Wombats where the world got ever SMALLER!! we ran into Michelle and Sarah who were our first hostel roomies on our first day in Europe when we were in London. How crazy is that!! Anyways we got to Wombats when it was happy so we were getting pitchers of beer for 5 euros. I was kind of floating all over the bar, drinking with my THSS girls and then playing drinking games with Sarah and Michelle and their hot aussie friend. It was rather early in the night but I was well on my way to being drunk hehe. Anyways Ali and Michelle had to leave to catch their train to Paris and Allison had already been signed up for a pub crawl with some other people she met in Europe so they left but Melissa and I hung around with Heather and lots of other people from the hostel.
Fellow friends from school back at home!
We drank some more and then decided to go to the Haufbrahaus!!  This time we sat outside and had 1L beers and Melissa and I shared the apple strudel which was really really good. After the Haufbrahaus closed we went back to the hostel to do what, oh you know it, drink more lol. At 2am the hostel was playing the 2nd game of the Stanley cup final between Ottawa and Detroit. It was soo awesome!! There were soooo many Canadians there and everyone was singing the national anthem soo loudly and cheering for Don Cherry lol. Anyways Melissa and I lost track of each other and were looking for one another and she thought I went back to the hostel so she went back to our hostel by herself at like 4am and then I found out she went back to the hostel so I went there at like 4:30am and when I got there she was sitting in the lobby/lounge area waiting for me haha. Anyways so we didn't get to bed until 4:30am but it was a really really fun night!
Adrian_Liston says:
They do the same at my local Starbucks in Canberra (Australia) and in Seattle :)
Posted on: Jan 05, 2008
dfoo says:
Reading your blog it just reminded me of my time at Wombats. The best kebabs and pizza were at the street across from Wombats.

I don't know what it is, but they make the best pizzas and kebabs. Maybe its just the effects of Oktoberfest speaking, but honestly every morning I would cross the road to get a slice of pizza or kebab. Breakfast of champions.

I actually forgot about this until I read your blog. Thanks. Now I have to find a way to store it in my memory bank. ;)
Posted on: Nov 14, 2007
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church of our lady!
church of our lady!
Crazy!! Melissa, me, ali, michelle…
Crazy!! Melissa, me, ali, michell…
In english gardens with our beer i…
In english gardens with our beer …
A guy surfing on the wave!
A guy surfing on the wave!
walking down the street eating a b…
walking down the street eating a …
Girls from London! Sarah and Miche…
Girls from London! Sarah and Mich…
Fellow friends from school back at…
Fellow friends from school back a…
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english gardens!
english gardens!
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saying bye to ali and michelle
Yummy apple strudel!
Yummy apple strudel!
photo by: AleksandraEa