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The only picture I have from that day. Our dinner in Vienna with Claire and Melissa!

Today we were checking out of our hostel in Prague and heading to Vienna!! We had another early morning funny experience as well. I must say Prague is good for those haha. Anyways last night, Jimmy, fellow drinking buddy from the night before passed out in our room in our roomies bed lol. When he woke up it was one of the funniest things I have ever seen. Just the look on his face while he was looking around trying to take in his surroundings was priceless. He was soo confused and like stuttering and he said, "Whose bed am I in?" and our room mate Chad i think it was, just leant over from the top bunk above and was like, "uhh that would be mine." Jimmy had passed out in Chads bed and I wish I would have been awake to see Chad come back to the room to find some random dude asleep in his bed lol. Luckily the bunk above wasn't booked and he was able to sleep there lol. Then after that Jimmy was like well i should try and find my hostel, i bet my buddies are wondering where I am. We were just like, dude, you're in your hostel, your one room over and your friends know where you are. Lol too funny! We were all a little hung over and just hung around until it was check out time. We didn't really want to eat the cornflakes for breakfast so Melissa and I and our trip twins went to this place called Bohemia Bagel for breakfast. It was a cool little place that sold sandwhiches, bagels, and breakfast stuff etc. It's a nice little place and we got 10% off for statying at the Old Prague Hostel. I got this yummy egg and bagel which was pretty sweet. After breakfast we went back to the hostel and got our bags and headed to the train station to buy our tickets to the Austrian border as Czech Republic isn't included. I don't remember how much the tickets were but I do remember that we had just enough Kroner to buy them without having to take more out of the bank. Infact we had just enough money that we didn't have enough to buy metro passes to get to the main train station where our train left from. Our friends that we met in Munich had told us not to skip the fair in Prague as they had all got caught and fined. So we didn't want to take more money out of the atm, we were searching all our pockets for money and we were only short a little bit. So our last option was to ask random strangers for money lol. We don't know how to speak Czech but we kind of just went up to people and asked for money and pointed to the metro stand kind of thing. Two people passed us without giving us any money but then this really nice lady gave me and Melissa both some money which was more that enough to buy the tickets lol. But it turns out that I had 100 kroner in my pocket all along which I foudn in Austria later lol. How stupid! When we got to the train station we just hung out on the platform with our trip twins for a while. We also met these two girls named Claire and Melissa who were really nice. The train was pretty crowded and we got a car with Todd but I don't really know where the others went. It turns out that Jesse lived in Austria for a year so once we got there he got us on the right tram and showed us in the direction of our hostel. We were staying at Wombats and so were Claire and Melissa. We got to the Uptown Wombats and it turns out that melissak and I were actually not staying there lol. There are two Wombats in Vienna and we went to the uptown one when we were staying at the "base" The other Melissa and Claire were staying at the uptown location and it was only about a 5 minute walk to the "base" We said goodbye to Claire and Melissa but made plans to meet up with them later for dinner. We then checked into our correct hostel and went up to our rooms. The hostel was soo nice and it was really clean and it was full of young people and it had a bar and an outside terrace and everything. Once we got all settled we had showers and then we went back to the uptown wombats and met up with Claire and the other Melissa. We just kind of walked around until we found this outside patio and we had dinner there which consisted of pizza. Mmm yummy. After that it was dark so we just went back to the uptown wombats and had a drink and chatted with the girls. Claire told us this really sad story about a jewish man she met who had survivied the holocaust and lived in the concentration camps. well we got invited to go out to a club with some people but we didn't really feel like going out. After our drink Melissa and I headed back to our own hostel around 1am. As we were walking back to the hostel we got really scared! Now Melissa and I have wandered many a european streets drunk and late at night but this is the only time on our whole entire trip that we ever felt frightened. Some creepy guy was following us and when we crossed the street, he crossed the street and it was really weird. As we went down the side street he didn't follow us but stood on the corner and watched us the whole way until we turned down another street to get to our hostel. Talk about creepy eh!! so that was our first night in vienna and it wasn't too bad.

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The only picture I have from that …
The only picture I have from that…
photo by: hellenica