Killing time in Cologne and our first over-night train!

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You can barely tell I'm in this pic!!

Our overnight train to Krakow didn't leave till around 8:30pm and we had to be out of our hostel by 10:00am so we had ALOT of time to kill. We got up earlish so we could enjoy the included buffet breakfast and have one last awesome shower and then we headed to the train station. We stored our bags in these luggage storage lockers, that to this day, we still don't know how it works. It was like one compartment and it would just take your bag away. And so many people would put their bag in the same compartment as where ours were but our bags were gone! The machine just took them away, it was crazy! And then when we wanted them back it would give them back without any mix-up!The train station is right by the big dom catherdral so we decided to go in there.

This is the picture corresponding with Angels in the Outfield
It was really cool inside and crazy big!!! And you can take pictures inside so that was awesome. We just sat down on one of the benches inside for a good 2 hours or so. We just people watched and played the "Guess what I'm thinking" game that we made up. We would just think of something like a movie, book, or country etc and then we had to give clues to the other person to try and make them guess what we were thinking. Pretty lame actually but hey, we had time. I stumped Melissa on "Angels in the Outfield" It starts with an A, you like this movie, you own it...hahah good times. After that we went and bought some postcards and then we went to the Starbucks that was inside the train station to kill some more time. We bought large drinks so that we would have more time to chill in there.
Sleeping in Starbucks! I love how Melissa went outside the starbucks to take this picture of me haha
We just sat and wrote in our journals and played sudoku. Melissa taught me how to play it and I wasn't very good at this time and we would have races but she totally kicked my ass. I also slept inside the starbucks which was pretty nice. So after killing a good 4 hours in Starbucks we went to this asian place for dinner and ate there and killed another hour or so. Then we decided to just got sit on the platform where our train was coming but our train ended up being late so we killed another hour sitting there, again playing the "Guess what I'm thinking" game. The train finally came but we got on about 10 compartments too soon and we had to walk all the way to the end of the train with our huge bags when the train was already moving and we fell all over the place and it was really funny, I guess one of those times you had to be there but we laughed alot. I put on my pj's and got out my sleep sheet and went to sleep almost right away. Melissa on the other hand didn't sleep at all for the whole train ride. I slept the whole ride to Warsaw excpet for the couple minutes where to police woke me up to check my passport. Atleast I wasn't in the washroom when the police came pounding on the door...Melissa hehe. So for me it was a good over night train experience but for Melissa not so much.

Cologne City Rating:
2/2 Hostel
1/2 People
0.5/2 Nightlife
1/2 Sites
1/2 Weather
+1 bonus for awesome shower

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You can barely tell Im in this pi…
You can barely tell I'm in this p…
This is the picture corresponding …
This is the picture corresponding…
Sleeping in Starbucks! I love how …
Sleeping in Starbucks! I love how…
Cologne dome!
Cologne dome!
Inside the dome
Inside the dome
Me and the dome
Me and the dome
Killing time in the dome
Killing time in the dome
Crazy bag storage!!
Crazy bag storage!!
No one looks good while their slee…
No one looks good while their sle…
On the overnight train!!
On the overnight train!!
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