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Hot picture of us on the train to Edinburgh!

I got up around 8ish and we didn't have to leave our hostel until 10 so we just kind of hung around and had some breakfast before we left. Our train to London left at 11 but it ended up being a litte late so when we got to London we were rushed to get the tube to Kings Cross Station to get our train to London. We didn't get to take a picture of platform 9 and 3/4 from Harry Potter like we wanted to because we just made our train in time. We met a guy named from Andy on the train from the USA, he was getting off in York but we was pretty nice so we exchanged facebook info haha. The train to Edinburgh was 5 hours and by the end it was completly empty, we were the only ones on our cart haha.

Very pretty Scottish country side
The train guy was pretty funny, he was old and he made a comment about Melissa's bite marks. Haha. Anyways our hostel (another St. Christophers) was seriously a stone throw away from the train station, it was awesome! We went to McDonalds for dinner and it was a really weird McDonalds...the downstairs was so small and they blocked of the stairs to the upstairs with the garbage can so everyone was just like standing at akward places trying to eat I donno it was weird. Then we went to the Edinburgh information centre which had internet (where we ended up spending most of our time in Edinburgh! haha)..We were trying to book flights to Dublin and then from Dublin to Brussels...Yeah this is where we learned that you can't leave things to the last minute lol. All the flights were like 150 pounds which was wayyy to much money so sadly we had to cut out Ireland :( I'm sad that we didn't get to go but now looking back I don't know how we would have added all this other stuff to our trip if we still had gone to Ireland.
Our hostel!
Oh well, it will be easy for me to go to Ireland when I'm living in London hehe. After we went to the train station to try and find tickets to London so that we could take the Eurostar to Brussels. We found a ticket to London for the 23rd at 7am which was awesome. So then we went and called Eurostar and bought 2 tickets for the 23rd to Brussels at 2:15. So after we go back to the train station and our tickets for 7 am on the 23rd were gone!!! So then we had to buy tickets for the 22nd in the evening back to London and spend another night at Piccaddilly before we could go to Brussels. Anyways later on that night we went down to the bar to get some drinks and we got free Sirrus beer-ciders (which OMG are soo good and I cannot WAIT to have one when I get back to London!) Anyways the hockey game was on the tv!! It was the buffalo vs.
Melissa in our very tiny cramped room
Ottawa game (this is the one where ottawa won an advanced in the playoffs!) We met 2 americans who were also watching the game named Mike and Eric from Detroit. Later on we went to the other bar (haha oh yeah our hoste had 2 bars!) and we met some Scottish guys named David and Ben. Later on the 6 of us went to a club (the sameclub we went to in Bath...punana or whatever it was called). After that we went back to Davids flat so we could watch the beginning of Super Troopers. Another late night for us, we got back to the hostel as the sun was coming up haha. Sucks to be the guy though... Mike and Eric had to get up early for a flight an the others had to be up at 7 for some reason. Haha Melissa and I slept in till 12 :)

Johnb42 says:
LMAO@ bite marks!!!!
Posted on: Nov 22, 2007
lovely_lori88 says:
haha i am writing these entries as i go along with my written journal that we had over there and in there i had written the names lol
Posted on: Oct 21, 2007
melissak says:
how the hey do you remember all their names!
Posted on: Oct 20, 2007
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Hot picture of us on the train to …
Hot picture of us on the train to…
Very pretty Scottish country side
Very pretty Scottish country side
Our hostel!
Our hostel!
Melissa in our very tiny cramped r…
Melissa in our very tiny cramped …
the hockey game!! belushis bar
the hockey game!! belushis bar
the first bar...where we watched t…
the first bar...where we watched …
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