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I love Amsterdam!
So I wake up a little hung over as would be expected after last night hehe. I realise that I still have to find my hostel in this big city full of canals and side streets. This is gonna be fun...not! Anyways I say goodbye to the people I was staying with and I head out into the sunshine. Turns out our hostel was literatly ONE street away and it took me like 5 seconds to find it. I can't believe how close I was to it and I didn't even realise it, I just turned one street and was like, "oh hello!" I go up to our room right away hoping Melissa isn't too worried about me and suprise suprise, she didn't make it back to the hostel either last night!! Haha here I was thinking she would be all worried about me not knowing where I was and I didn't know where she was.
This lady jumps out at you as you walk by, so sexy lol..
Anyways she has worse luck then me, her and her friend (Jordan?) are wandering around Amsterdam for an hour and a half before they find our hostel lol. Turns out she too didn't know how to make it back to the hostel in the dark and lost track of me. Anyways since were together we go and get some pizza for breakfast yum. Then we go to the internet cafe so we can look for hostels in Copenhagen but it turns out there is no where to stay!! There were no hostels available anywhere and all the hotels were about $80!! So sadly we had to scratch Copenhaggen :( We decide to go to Cologne instead for 2 nights and then catch an over night train to Krakow. So after that was all settled we went to the Sex Museum with April and Bailey.
A boat through! crazy!
It was kind of interesting to see some of the history about sex and there was a lot of funny stuff but there was also a room that was very disturbing, very. After that we went to the Anne Frank house which was sooo cool! It was so sad though being there, you could actually imagine what it was like for them to live there every day and be soo quiet. It's so sad too how her dad is the only one who survived and everyone else was killed or passed away. Now seeing as were in Amsterdam, the city where almost anything is legal, we decided to go to a live sex show. Now I know that not everyone agrees with these but it's Amsterdam and it's just something you have to do when you're there. We first asked the guy at the front desk which was the best one to go to and he said "his house" which was funny but um no haha.
The guy who owns this dog is really clever. The only one I actually gave some money too hehe.
He then recommended the Casa Rosa (or Rosso?) It was 30 euro to get in without the drinks but it was worth it. We saw some crazy shit and it was really funny/akward lol. Also akward because we were sitting with a big asian toursit group and they weren't exactly young either lol...When we got out this married couple asked us if it would be worth it to go see it and we recommended it to them. Later that night we actually ran into them in the street and they said it was good haha. It's so crazy how many of those shows are going on at any given time. I remember everytime we walked by this one place the guy at the door would be like, "Ladies, it's banana time.." After the show we all decided to have some space cake. The cake itself was actually really tasty lol. Then we went for a couple beers and walked down the Red Light alleys to look at the ladies hehe. I didn't feel "high" or anything just really tired which I think is what the cake does lol so we just went back to the hostel and hit the hay. All in all, a very good day in Amsterdam.
melissak says:
haha i forgot about that couple that asked us about the show! good
Posted on: Nov 27, 2007
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I love Amsterdam!
I love Amsterdam!
This lady jumps out at you as you …
This lady jumps out at you as you…
A boat through! crazy!
A boat through! crazy!
The guy who owns this dog is reall…
The guy who owns this dog is real…
These things fart at you as you wa…
These things fart at you as you w…
Red Light distric I believe
Red Light distric I believe
photo by: pearcetoyou