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Some nice grafitti in Bari...

We woke up and we had a couple hours on the ferry still before we got to Bari. When we did get to Bari we headed to the train station to arrange getting to Rome. We had our eurail passes but we still had to pay a reservation fee. Billy and Katie got the last youth class tickets and Cameron and Simon had to buy first class which sucked because it was more expensive and they couldn’t sit with us! We had about 5 horus though to kill in Bari before we actually caught the train. We went to some little cafe and had some breakfast and then we found this park type thing where we hung around for a while.

we tried to zoom in as much as possible but if you look closley, that guys false teeth are falling out!! haha
We were sitting and chatting and we asked them what they got up to last night after we went to bed. Haha apparently they went to the Casino and started gambling. And as the boat was so dead, they were the only ones in there with the workers and then more staff members came in and just sat and hung out with them and watched them bet. And then Simon told us that they all made up raps and video taped. Melissa and I really wanted to watch them but for some reason Cameron did not want us to see them. But then he left to go wander around and Simon showed us haha. I will never forget Cameron’s rap. It was a rap about us and quite catchy I might say. It went a little something like this:

“On the boat to Bari, looking to party, with the girls from BC, wish they were Easy, but they watch tv and fall asleep, and now we can’t get any”

Haha so funny! Anyways we finally were able to catch the train and another 5 hours on that in which I slept.

Katie and me-chilling on the platform waiting for the train to Rome
But YES we finally got to Rome. Cameron, Billy, Katie, and Simon didn’t have a hostel booked or anything so we told them to come to ours to see if they could get something but then some random at the train station was offering places to sleep and what not so they went with them. Unfortunately we didn’t get to meet up with them again but they made the long journey really interesting and I’m glad we met up with them. We got to Rome at 7pm which means it took us 46 hours to get there. What a journey! Almost 2 days lol. So after a very long travel we decided to have some fun and go party! We had heard from so many people about the pub crawl that leaves from the Spanish steps and that we MUST do it so we thought why the hell not. Oh man what a fun night! We headed to the Spanish steps and we met someone who worked on the crawl who took us to this massive bar where there was about 150 other people who were on this pub crawl as well. We had about an hour and a half at this bar where we got unlimited beer, wine, and pizza. We also got our free t-shirts. So we were here for a while where we just chatted with randoms and what not. Went to a different bar after that which was pretty sweet. We met two guys who we were hanging out with for the most of the night whose names I can’t remember. They were Americans who were pretty nice, they were with their parents though and we totally had to make fun of them for that but they escaped them to come on the pub crawl haha. We went to one bar where it was announced there would be body shots. Yes! And yes I was totally the first person to volunteer! They put me up on the bar but since I was wearing a dress they couldn’t lift it up to do the shot of my stomach so they put the salt on my chest and the guy I was with had to lick it off, take the shot, and then kiss me for the lemon. All the meanwhile the bartender was slapping my legs which I don’t know why he was cause it really hurt but it was awesome and I couldn’t stop laughing lol. Melissa did one as well but it was some random guy who did it off her lol. Ahhh good times! Then after we went to another bar and we were dancing and near the door and guess who friggen walks in the door??!?! Half of our trip twins! It was Todd and Jason!! We were just like NO WAY!! Haha we knew we wouldn’t see them in Greece because they weren’t going there but sure enough, as soon as we get to Rome we bump into them. It was ridiculous lol. Jesse and Jeff went to Croatia apparently and would be joining them in Rome the next day. The last place we went to was a club and it was friggen ridiculous!! I mean it was really cool and trendy and there were all these people dancing in outfits and what not. Except everyone was dressed so nice that I felt like a huge bum. We went to get a drink and a small beer was 10 euros!!! We were so shocked! We didn’t even want to ask how much a shot would cost! It was crazy! So we decided not to drink at this place cause we didn’t want to spend that much money lol. We left after a while and split a cab with the two guys we were with and called it a night at who knows what time?? It was a really good night and a good start to Rome which was pretty nice as the rest of our experience in Rome wasn’t that great L

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Some nice grafitti in Bari...
Some nice grafitti in Bari...
we tried to zoom in as much as pos…
we tried to zoom in as much as po…
Katie and me-chilling on the platf…
Katie and me-chilling on the plat…
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