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Melissa just chillen out on one of my random roomies bed hehe
Today we were leaving Amsterdam and heading to Cologe. Bailey and April were supposed to leave around 6am to catch their train to wherever they were going but when we woke up around 9am they were still sleeping lol. Apparently they got too baked last night and didn't wake up in time to catch their train lol but oh well. So Melissa and I were catching the train around 2pm for Cologne so we just kind of bummed around in Amsterdam for a bit. We went and got some brunch and went to an internet cafe and then we headed out. When we got to cologne we were a little surprised because there were people EVERYWHERE and loud music and they were all wearing orange t-shirts and had orange bands tied around their heads and arms and we were just so confused as to waht was going on.
top bunk is mine :)
Apparently it was some huge protestand festival that was taking place. The underground was sooo jammed and it was so hard to actually get on the train. We got off at the wrong station which was my fault and it made it very very hard for us to find our hostel. We were soo lost and it was really hot and we wanted to just get a taxi to the hostel. When we found a cab driver he refused to drive us because apparently it was "too close," but it wasn't!! We were still lost for about another 20 minutes and we had to stop and ask some police for directions on how to get there. So we finally get there and we check in. When we booked in Amsterdam we booked pretty last notice so Melissa and I weren't able to get 2 nights in the same room. We got the 2 nights at the hostel but we were both in different room for those nights which was fine.
We were actually kind of looking forward to it seeing as we are together 24/7 haha. Melissa was in a female dorm on the 1st floor and I was in a mixed dorm on the 4th floor. When I got to my room I showered right away because I was really hot and just felt gross and let me tell you, I have never been soo excited to shower!!! This was the BEST and I mean BEST shower that we came across on our whole entire trip! It was nicer then my shower at home and it was soo clean and had such hot water and it was sooo awesome!! When I got to my dorm there was nobody else there and Melissa came up after and we just naped. I don't really remember what we did that night but I know that we slept mostly all evening and we went to bed around 9pm which was awesome. This is why we call Cologne our "catching up on our sleep" city because that's about all we did hehe.
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Melissa just chillen out on one of…
Melissa just chillen out on one o…
top bunk is mine :)
top bunk is mine :)
photo by: lauro