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I made it to London....but not without some bumps in the road. 

When I got on my flight from Chicago to London, I sat next to a guy named Rick.  As soon as I sat down, Rick starts asking me questions about myself and why I'm going to London, yada yada yada on and on.  I was a little nervous so I wasnt really in a talkative mood, especially to a 40 yr old stranger on a plane to another country.  The conversation gets around to me asking Rick why he's traveling.  He tells me he's writing a giant book on castles, and starts into explaining his love of castles.  I just kept nodding as if I agreed.  then I asked if he's staying in London, and he said no, he's traveling on to Bahrain, but he wouldnt say why.  He also said he's starting a business that needed a 100 million dollar investment, but wouldnt elaborate.  I guess he only likes to talk about castles.  After that he put on headphones and watched movies the entire flight, so that was the end of my interactions with Rick.

My other travel mishap happened with the woman sitting in front of me.  The entire first 5 hours of the flight she kept ordering drinks and announcing to people, "I'm on vacation!!" in a really loud voice.  She kept being loud and yelling accross the isle to her husband, who just looked embarrassed.  After this, to my relief, she fell asleep.  Well a little later in her sleep she throws up.  All over the front of herself.  Anyone who knows me knows how much I hate vomit, its borderline phobia for me.  So this woman gets up, almost getting puke on my foot, and goes back to the bathroom w/ her husband to change clothes.  She then keeps throwing up for 2 hours.  I couldnt take it anymore, w/ the sound, smell, etc., and I went back to talk to a flight attendant so that I could calm down (I get so bad w/ it, I actually started quietly crying).  The flight attendant was really nice and told me stories from her years of work.  One was about a guy who had a seizure on a flight and bit his tongue off.  Gross, but it calmed me down and helped me through the flight. 

After this I met some awesome girls in the airport at heathrow, and we got to the dorm without problems (or vomit, thank god)  We had dinner w/ a bunch of people and then went out to a local pub in Chelsea (my borough) that night.  All in all a very long day, but exciting. 

PS: hugh grant lives a block away, and gwen and chris martin live really close as well.  trying hard not to stalk. (haha)


Aditu says:
Oh I would definitley stalk, lol.
Posted on: Oct 14, 2006
vances says:
Ewwww...sounds like you are off to a Rick-ety start! Have to confess amazement that a story about someone biting their tongue off could be comforting, lol --- but given the circumstances, I'm sure it was.
Posted on: Jun 13, 2006
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