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i'm writing you today from perugia, a medieval town built into the side of a mountain... capital of the region of umbria... kingoftheworldmasteroftheuniverse...

so i arrived in terni last night, a small city in umbria which was mostly razed during WWII, so it's not very pretty or ancient looking, just very accessible to some other places... staying with a 40 year old woman named chiara, a jazz musician and, alas, another kindred amazes me.  i knew that people who were opening their homes to me were bound to be kind people...but i never expected to find such like minded, right on cats with whom i share so much common ground...uncanny, really. 

Chiara happens to be dating a local tour guide, who let me tag along on one of his tours through Assisi.  It was great, he sounded a whole lot like the count from Sesame Street when he spoke in English.  The frescos in the cathedral of St. Francis (san francesco) blew the Sisteen Chapel out of the water as far as I´m concerned, or maybe that was just because I wasn´t surrounded by 200 other tourists in a tiny room with a guard telling me I had five minutes to take in Michelangelo´s masterpiece...

Anyway, Chiara and pals were gracious hosts, took me out for a fantastic dinner (jaim, i did have that tiramisu for ya, too bad i cant send you my spare tire to show for it) then to Montefalco, which boasts some of the best wine in Italy as well as a panoramic landscape that gave it the nickname:  the balcony of Umbria.

several more days in umbria, then to tuscany, using florence as my home base.  but after today, i am kind of convinced that while the big "sights", major cities, are important for me to see...the reason i needed to travel like this was to recharge my battery, much more easily done in a place like the one i am in now.

this has been my absolute favorite leg of my trip so far.
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photo by: Shannon_atl