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Florence would be the first city I would stay in a hostel, and I was quite nervous as I sat on the should be 3 turned 7 hour train ride...Italian local trains kind of operate on their own unpredictable schedules.  So I get out of the station, the sun´s about to set, I´ve got a 60 pound pack on my back and a 15 pound pack on my front, cigarette in one hand, map in the other, trying to cross the busiest intersection, looking up at street names...a yellow VW bug comes around the corner, missing me by inches, startling me so that I drop my map nearly under the tire.  I bend over to snatch it up, the weight of my pack shifts and BAM...I´m sprawled out on all fours in the middle of the street, traffic stopped, people staring...I try to quickly get up, the weight of my pack shifts again and SPLAT, right on my ass, on top of my pack, flailing my arms.  So yeah, I made my grand entrance to florence.

So Florence, AHHHH, what a beautiful green, the view from the piazzella Michelangelo is unbeatable, David is just as awesome as he looks in pictures, the ponte vecchio was just a way to get from one side of the arno to the other, until I learned the history behind it.  During WWII, the dutch destroyed every other bridge in Florence, they only left that one...

There are too many stories to tell here from Florence, and I´ll save the bulk of them for when I return...many of you are accustomed to my tendency to repeat stories over and over again, so now I actually have some fresh ones...The hostel was cool, I met awesome travelers from all over the world, had people to check out museums and explore with, which was great.  It´s really nice to be able to turn to someone after seeing some piece of art or scenery and look at each other and go WOW!  It was a little bit interesting that the only place I stayed that I had to pay for, I couldnt have a proper shower!!!

Made my way to Milan via Bologna (awesome city) with Will, a fly fishing expert from the states who has been working in Russia until recently... He’ll actually be in Barcelona when Gregg and I are there... woo hoo.  
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photo by: spocklogic