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ahhh.  paris.  i've been staying with krista, whom i had met and befriended through sue n seth...  upon my arrival, she took me to the sacre coeurs...  just around her corner...  the highest point in paris... pause, gasp, oh my... killer view.

the nest day, got my first real taste of the French ‘tude.  Came out of a subway stop by the seine, and couldn’t, for the life of me, figure out where the Eiffel tower was.  I tapped a swanky French gal and, in my best accent… “ou est la tour Eiffel?”  she simply snorted, shook her head and kept on strutting down the street.  Huh. 
then i came around the bend of the river seinne, and there she was.  i kept her in periphery for the day while i did the tour...notre dame was pretty frikking awesome, almost had a panic attack when i saw the size of the louvre, and decided that the mona lisa would have to wait until i had a week set aside specifically for her.
.. one day i'm sure i'll give her a big fat smile.

had killer escargot and a glass of gorgeous chablis at a posh little joint, where my ripped jeans and dirty kicks didnt go over too well, and which was way out of my budget... but certain cities just have 'that thing' ya gotta have.  at least once anyway.  i'm hoping one day i can come back to this down with a fat chunk of change to offer up to alan ducasse.

kristablista was the hostess with the mostess and i'm leaving paris with a duty to myself fulfilled, a painting of the sacre coeurs and a really good friend...

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photo by: lasersurge