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after a crazy 15 hour bus ride, i arrived in krabi with two temporary partners in crime - thommo (an archaeologist from england) and hannah (a sweet lil 19 year old aussie girl), who had done the trek down from chang mai together...thommo convinced us to join him on railay beach and i am so, so happy that my travel sense had kicked in enough to say 'fuck plans' and just go... 

on the longtail boat that took us to railay, i slipped fully and completely into my travel head - which is like entering a whole other realm, one that can only be entered in a new culture, with new people by your side - sharing your meals, your wows, your beds...i was so, so anxious about this trip - even after i had arrived in bangkok (before that, i think i was in denial about leaving korea) - i felt like i needed to get a million things organized, figure it all out according to plan - but the fact that plans change is one of the best parets of travel.

.. but deciding between which of, like sixteen available and breathtaking islands to plant yourself on for the next 3-4 days - its a nobrainer - just find people who are chill and make wherever you go awesome.

it is so, so mellow here, and the backdrop to the beaches are karst cliffs that make those in halong bay look like ant hills... after checking into our ridiculously beautiful resort (diamond cave on railay east - 900 baht total for two huge double beds and a pool that stares into a 70 meter high limestone wall), we headed across to the west, and i had a georgous piece of fish...  had a swim with a sexy-ish dude from oz and then endured the rain with a j on our porch, where we were joined by lizzy, a funked-out, super sharp aussie gal.

  last night was a blur of good conversation, reggae, a sweet wooden swing , a kick ass fire show by a 12 year old boy, a gnarly bathroom and a ton of thing that's so nice about traveling alone is that you can hook up with amazing people to hang with, and then unhook just as easily, without guilt or question - whether for 15 minutes to be antisocial in a corner (or on a swing) or to slide on into the next chamber of the realm - its all good, your own heart and gut are the only voices you need to listen to... they tend to steer you right in these instances.

today, hannah and i did a 4 island boat tour to ko phi phi... yes, i saw THE beach and no, i DIDNT take even one photo of the beach that leo built - as i generally dont take photos of boatloads of tourists taking photos.   it sure was pretty, though.  did some amazing snorkling at lohsamah bay, and had a gorgeous lunch of the best tom yum soup thats ever touched my lips.  am burnt as shit right now, both physically and mentally, but emotionally i am as relaxed as i've ever been.  am gonna go sit on my porch and let the sound of the tropical rain do its magic... 

aubrie79 says:
Oh I know the travel head and oh I'm so so jealous and Bryan is chastising me and saying jealousy is an ugly emotion but it's no matter I'm jealous anyways. When do we get to see pictures?

Back to school work. . . .
Posted on: Oct 15, 2007
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