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i have but a moment right now... meeting some people to chow down on some well deserved thai food.  did my second dive today and, to be honest, i wasnt really looking forward to it.  to start, i was totally lacking confidence.  melodie (a friend i met thru trav buddy - success story to come) and i did our first dive yesterday, and it was ok, but i didn't feel very comfortable.  and waiting on the boat for the other divers in the midst of a storm sparked a very pukey reaction from both mel and i.  while i was losing my cookies in the bathroom, mel was wading next to the boat to free herself from its tosses.  i looked over the edge and mel was surrounded by HUNDREDS of fish - who had come round to gobble up her vomit... yum.  today was shaky at first.  when we reached the ocean floor at about 8 meters, i had a full on panic attack and signaled to our dreamy instructor, matthew, that i wanted to resurface. instead of giving me an easy out - matt swam until he was inches from my face and, with simple hand motions and unbreaking eye contact, calmed me in a way nobody has ever been able to do.  after that - cake.  we did a 40 minute, 12 meter dive and OHMYGOD, it was awesome... the visibility was shit, and the most exciting marine life we saw were two clown fish - but i felt so at ease, so entranced by my new ability to experience a part of nature that so few people are privvy to.  ok, am late... will write more soon.
stabber911 says:
Hay, can you clarify? Was it the unbreaking eye contact or the fact that Matt was dreamy that you actually calm down?
Posted on: Oct 31, 2007
aubrie79 says:
Jen - the exact same thing happened to me on my first dive - I wanted to go to the surface so badly and my instructor just wouldn't let. But they did the right thing, right? Isn't it amazing?!?!

Jealous jealous jealous.
Posted on: Oct 25, 2007
chargirllbny says:
jen you crack me up...don't you know that Leo's are not naturally comfortable under water???? Don't eat before you go again. Luv U
Posted on: Oct 23, 2007
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