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today i leave australia.  my emotional palatte is so multifarious and so cluttered that it's at the point where everything is just muddy.  i am excited beyond words to see my delish family, my beautiful friends... but the thought of trading in sand for snow, coral reefs for city streets, 35 degrees celcius for 35 degrees farenheit... it's all a lot to process.  i've written about this principal several times during this trip - how the sadness of leaving a place doesn't allow for full on excitement for the next...even when the next is my dear, sweet new york, who i miss as if she were, in fact, a person in my life, in my family.  however, the little bit of vanity that i allow into my existence to maintain my feminity is quite excited to make my reappearance in ny 20 pounds lighter and with a bad-ass tan.  

i haven't written a word here since i've been to queensland... and of course, because my nature forces me to do so, i will justify lack of blogging.  on one hand, i have been running, running, running up the coast, and when i've been in situations where internet was available, there was no time... and on the flip side of that, when there has been time, it was in places (such as camping on islands, living on sailboats or petting napolean wrasses 5 meters deep) where internet was the furthest fkn thing from my mind.  it has been a wild ride, to say the least.

i will go back and add details and plenty of photos from each leg of the trip when i arrive back in new york, and i can punch away at the keys on my parents' high speed computer till the wee hours.  for now, i will only say what i must say now, when it is not cheating, when it is not impressions achieved in retrospect, when i sit on the precipice of 24 hours on planes that will deliver me to my kinfolk, to groundedness, to pastrami on rye.

when i first arrived in australia, i was really put off by the cost of everything, the western-ness of everything, the fact that i no longer had the ability to dig my feet into the sand of some tiny little island where the world seemed to stop and stay there until the tide dug me out.  but now, having completed my very short journey down a few little stretches of the yellow brick road, i am quite sure i will return.  i have had the opportunity to spend some solid time with some really special people in some really magical places.  and it certainly helps my perspective that the last week of my trip was spent on boats visiting places like whitehaven beach and the outer great barrier reef, two of the most gorgeous pieces of nature i have ever had the priveledge of seeing with my own two, almost tearful, eyes.

my bus for the airport is leaving in a moment.  i have so, so much more to say.  so many spaces to fill in.  and i will.  but i'll simply depart on this thought... i feel so, so blessed to have discovered my passion for travel... and the resourcefulness to make it priority. at 33, i feel as if my life has just begun... and that is a damned good way to feel.

stabber911 says:
Really nice reading appreciate your sharing.looking forward to your next trip already
Posted on: Jan 02, 2008
sclazarus says:
Hey Jen, Thanks for sharing along the way. Looking forward to a play by play photo narration. See you soon! xoxo Susan
Posted on: Dec 23, 2007
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