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am sitting in an outdoor internet cafe in kuta, bali... chilling out until i head to the airport in a few hours.  i've learned to use the stopovers in the heavily touristed spots i need to make to get from here to there to take advantage of cheap internet, shopping and appreciating the out of the way places more.  my many, many, many photos from the past two weeks are uploading as i write...

i realized something today, as i sat on my cushy perama boat (sandy beach and mats on the deck, 2 meals, clean toilets - all for a whopping $24) from senggigi, lombock back to bali.  i think most people who don't backpack (or travel, for that matter) probably view this sort of hobo travelling as quite difficult.  i guess thats why they call it "roughing it."  from getting all the logistics straight - to seventeen hour bus rides -  to staying in bare bones accommodations with only a fan and a cold shower (sometimes not even with fresh water) - to shitting in something that resembles a hole in the ground (where its usually BYOTP)... and while these things sometimes pose a tiny challenge or a tough decision or lack of sleep or a little excessive sweat or a muscle ache here or there, the only thing i'm finding really, really difficult is saying goodbye to the places i fall in love with and to the characters and energy that make these places so loveable. 

gili trawangan trumps any place i've ever been - EVER.  it was so, so hard to leave today.  i laid down sideways on the deck of the boat so i could watch the growing distance between me and my new love... and every time i would fall asleep, the first thing i did when i would jolt awake was check the horizon to see if my little island had disappeared from my view.  and when she was finally gone, i left out a woeful sigh and did my best to muster up some woo-hoo for the next leg of my journey.  it's so weird, when travelling to multiple countries, how on your last day in one place you experience such an odd juxtoposition of sadness and excitement.  another strange sensation i experienced today was, upon arrival in kuta, i got out of the bus and was totally baffled by the fact that i had to look both ways before crossing the street.  after 8 days on an island with no motorized vehicles other than the ones that were anchored near the shore, i literally almost walked out into a busy street and with the first honk, i was like.."huh?? what ARE those things with wheels making loud, gutteral noises??"

am immensely looking forward to seeing my good friend, jen... to staying in a close someone's home and seeing such an amazing place through such an amazing woman's eyes.  being in kuta now
 makes the transition easier.  while i understand the pull of the place, especially for surfers, the chaos here is just not my bag.  nor is the mcdonalds.  
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photo by: eddie8498