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my arrival into bangkok was as smooth as an international arrival could be - the flight pleasant, immigration was cake...and i got to khao san road easily by public transport.  and it was on that little mini bus that i was able to take a deep breath, or maybe let one out - i felt as if i hadbn't breathed properly in nearly three weeks... maybe it had something to do with my last minute everything, or maybe that was just the steady haze that hangs over busan.

khao san road was everything i had anticipated - but the sellers of virtually anything you could ever want to buy were much less aggressive than i expected and the tourists seedier than i usually prefer.  in places known to be hubs of the gringo trail, its so easy to differentiate the travelers from the tourists.

..   to sum up my 1.5 days in bangkok... scored a room, ate some pad thai, got everything waxed (and i mean EVERYTHING - it was SO surreal getting a bikini wax from an oldish thai woman in some little massage parlor - if thats not the quickest way to go from strangers to kin-ish in an hour, i'm not sure what is), had a beer and shot some pool at this funky little reggae bar... then, as i was meandering back down khao san, chomping on some delish street spring rolls and headed for bed, i heard "JEN!" - i thought, nah, couldn't be me... but i turned around and there was my buddy stu from busan...he was visiting his friend, jessie, and i spent the next day in their great company at the chatatuck weekend market - which was this labyrinthean gallimaufry (my new favorite word) of sights and sounds and smells...

booked an overnight bus to krabi for about $12... there are things i want to see in bangkok, and i will save a day or two at the end of my thailand leg, but i was absolutely aching for turquoise waters and shoeless feet...

dealergirl21 says:
Nice Jen! I can't wait to read more! I miss you already though!
Posted on: Oct 15, 2007
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