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in west oz - staying with jen at mel (her cousin) and emmet's place in a suburb of perth.  it has been one big food orgy since i arrived 3 days ago.  after a quick nap, jen and i cruised down to cottlesloe to eat fish and chips (and fried shrimp, scallops and octopus) from a take out joint called amber jack's.  the meal came wrapped  in white butcher paper, sprayed with vinegar, served with a garlic aoli and eaten on a patch of grass overlooking a pristine beach and the azure indian ocean. 

after a quick pint of rogers amber ale at little creatures brewery in fremantle came the spoonful of my first taste ever of vegemite. Then we cruised out to ang and puddie's pad in perth, where one of the coolest foodie girls i've met served me bbqed steak, varied sausages and chicken kebabs with a side of gorgeous goat cheese salad dressed in thyme vinegarette while her gargantuan shmoopy cat blissed out on my lap.

  ang and i's north american schtick made us both long for home, and our mutual grap of and appreciation for the culinary arts cemented a new friend in my life.

breakfast the next day - da da - vegemite and butter on toast - liked it much more in its proper context.  lunch, in between browsing the racks and buying concert tickets in trendy perth (i could not fathom rescuing even a single article of clothing, as everything costs 50+ times more than it did in indonesia) was take away sushi.  it was ok at best, but fresh sushi all the same.  our impromptu afternoon snack played the role of dinner - foccaccia with triple creme brie, hungarian salami and kalamata olives.  after seeing a 12 piece brass-funk band at a place called soco (which served up some pretty tasty drinks made with - you guessed it - soco) jen and i opted to share a falaffel wrap.

(by now, all my expat friends in korea are likely wiping a stream of drool from their chins). 

this morning started with a mad dash to fremantle to catch (by a hair) the ferry to rottnest island.  once on board, we tore into the avacado, brie, red onion, tomato and english mustard on foccaccia rolls that we had planned out oh so well.  during our day of painting and cycling thru the most charismatic and awe inspiring landscape of brush (scrub, actually, as jen corrected me) and dramatic aqua velva coastlines, i was followed by two peacocks, watched a dugite (poisonous snake) slither across my path, caught two quokkas (very cute kangaroo rat hybrid thingees) hanging out behind the public bathrooms, possibly severed the tail of a bobtail lizzard that may or may not have quite made it completely past my bike tire, almost (according to jen) ran over another big snake that i was completely oblivious to and that apparently jumped out at my back tire.

then, two other peacocks (or maybe they were the same ones) - followed us into an outdoor cafe near the docks, where we took in a few glasses of saint clair sauvignon blanc and a platter of warm, crusty  turkish bread served with three dips (the lemon, dill & green olive being my favorite, which jen's wine savvy choice paid with a perfect compliment).  from the top deck of the return ferry, we watched the sun drop from a massive, cloudless sky into a seemingly endless strecth of sea.  we then hustled back to mel and emmet's to partake in taco night ( i contributed my fresh guac.) and bingers, which gives my budget a little break, thank the lordy.

am headed further down south tomorrow, to stay in a villa near margaret river with five of jen's closest gal pals (who, judging by her peeps so far, i am sure i'll adore) and a five star restaurant at hand.

 then, about a week of chillin with her kinfolk in what she describes as 'the nut farm,' which comes equipped with a pool, folks, sibs, pets, snakes, spiders and a big supermarket nearby. 

its really, really nice to be in nice people's homes, in proper kitchens, in cars, on bicycles, in comfy beds, in hot showers.  anticipation of the transitions have been way more difficult than the transitions themselves.  each shift has been perfect, cosmic.  this trip is no joke.  and i have had a really warm, special, indulgent welcome back to the western world. 

isberica says:
Beautiful pics!!! I'll be there someday!
Posted on: Jan 17, 2008
stabber911 says:
missed perth. and the beach there..
Posted on: Dec 11, 2007
hannah-lou says:
Great to see you're enjoying West Oz. Margs is THE most beautiful lil town in the South West i reckon. At the moment its crawling with leavers tho. Haha. Adds to the charm maybe..? Have an awesome time!!
Posted on: Nov 24, 2007
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