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There's no way you could possibly understand this city until you visit.  You would have to eat at the local diners and order things off the menu by looking at the tiny picture.  You would have to go the local bakeries and haggle with shop keepers over a Ralph Lauren polo that you're positive isn't real but looks damn good. You have to walk about 6 miles with no real destination and taking turns on random streets being amazed by everything you see.  Everyone looks at me like I am from another planet. 

I went swimming today and everyone acted like I was God's gift to swimming.  The Chinese that were there were amazed and commented on my butterfly.  The pools a bit crowded, but I'm going to go later in the day the day after tomorrow to see if it's any less crowded.  I'm not worried though..there is a pool and I will be able to keep up my swimming shape :)  The gym I'm a member of is simply amazing.  It's a short walk away and has tons of equipment.

Today was awesome..we walked about another 10 miles to residential areas and I found this wonderful bakery that has WHEAT bread! I had a roll right when I bought it. It tasted so good! First starch besides white rice I've had in 4 days. I think I will be a wonderful customer at this bakery! The food here is strictly Chinese. Like noodles and pickled cucumbers covered in oil for breakfast. Like dumplings for lunch. Like bits of pork and pigeon eggs for dinner. I'm taking my vitamins like it's my job :)

I'm posting some of the pics I have..please check them out! Have a good one!
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photo by: spocklogic