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Hi everyone!!!!

Here is the next thrilling instalment;

We caught an early morning flight from Manila to a small 'city' called Puerto Princessa on Thursday morning. The Flight was only an hour. This was our 2nd flight with an airline called Cebu Pacific and I must tell you how brillant they are. Firstly, because they are Filipino they are of course super friendly and secondly they like to play games. On this particular flight the game was 'guess that tune' and each of the 3 hostesses sang a line of a song (yes actually sang into the speaker phones) and the first passanger to raise their hand with the correct answer wins! Can't imagine BA doing that somehow!!!

The main form of transport in 'Puerto' (as us locals like to call it) is a motorbike with a side carriage that fits 2/3 people (thats 2 westerners/3 Filipino's!).

We got one of these to our hotel. This hotel was much less smelly that the one in Manilla and cost about 8 quid a night. No hot water though! We stayed here for 2 nights but moved to the hotel next door on Saturday morning as they had managed to ruin half of our clothes that we had given them to wash (including Adam's Everton Shirt!). All turned out ok though as the hotel we moved to managed to save the clothes and adam is happy again!

Whilst in Puerto we went on two tours. 

The Underground river - We set off early Friday morning on a 2 1/2 hr journey (on a very bumpy road!) to a place called Sabang where the entrance to the underground river is. There were 8 of us all together on the tour and at the entrance to the cave you get into this paddle boat with a guide and he (Chris) takes you 2km along the 8km long river and back.

Amazing formations and Stagagmites and Stalagtites. Lots of bats. There were also Monkeys and Monitor Lizards roaming around the park! On our way back the van got stuck at least 3 times in the mud and had to be towed out (the guide had told us earlier that we needed to set off back to Puerto early so that if we get stuck there will actually be someone around to pull us out!). We also managed to get a flat tire as well! The guide and driver make this 6hr round trip every day - I don't know how they do it!! I also have to tell you about Jovi, our adopted filipino mum for the day. In our photo's there is a picture of our group and she is the small lady in the middle of us all. She really looked after us - made sure we had enough change for the toilets when we stopped, made us all pose for the group picture and generally made us feel very welcome.
She also insisted on giving me a pair of earrings she was wearing as a souvenir of the day!

Honda Bay - About 30mins drive (along an actual road this time) from town is Honda Bay which is dotted with loads of beautiful small islands. We visited 3 during our trip on Saturday - Pandan, Snake and Starfish. They were all equally as beautiful as each other. Starfish Island had (can you guess?!) yes starfish!!! BIG ones! We did some snorkeling too! Loads of amazing fish.

On the Sunday we decided to give ourselves a break from all the stress of traveling and have a day off! we popped into town for a wonder round then sat in the hotel drinking and chatting to the barman.

Hope you like our pics

Bye for now!

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jaeWALK says:
glad you enjoyed palawan?

ps. ... the motorbike with the side carriage is called tricycle by the way. did you get to ride it?
Posted on: Jul 19, 2008
rosiew says:
'OMG not the Everton shirt!!!!!' lol
Posted on: Nov 13, 2007
the_bloodsucker says:
cool! :-D
Posted on: Nov 13, 2007
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Our Filipino Family
Our Filipino Family
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Alien Crab
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Alien Crab again
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