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Sunday August 5th, 2007

The Sherwood Forest in Nottinghamshire.  Will, Maya and I decided to go to the Sherwood Forest and see if we can find ourselves some venison.  It also happened to be the last day of the Robin Hood Festival.  After about a two hour drive with many roundabouts we made it to Nottinghamshire.  Traffic was a little heavy with everyone going to the same place.  Parking at the festival costs a few pounds but the admission is free. 


There is a big field before you enter into the Sherwood Forest.  On one side the field was a game a Cricket being played.

  Two months in this country and I still don’t have a clue on how the game is played.  On the far side was where all the fair rides were set up.  They had the standard fair rides that all seem just to spin you around.  We stayed clear of that area and went straight to Forest.  At the visitor center is where most of the small booths and vendors were at.  It was a smaller then I expected, having been to many renaissance festivals back in the states.  Nevertheless, there were plenty of people in costumes and acting out some amusing entertainment.  We walked around seeing all the shops on display.  I ended up getting a few small gifts for my younger sister back home.  Next, we decided to take the trail towards the “Major Oak”.  It was about a thirty minute walk through the forest.  Like many kids growing up I have heard the tales of Robin and the time gave me a chance to remember them.  At the Major Oak there were a few more vendors and activities to see and do.
Will and I in front of the Major Oak.
  This is where Robin and his men had there hideout.   We ran into a few friends, hung around, and had a great time.  However, we could not find our venison.  It would have been fun to say I ate the King’s deer in the Sherwood Forest.  Or perhaps there is still a law against it?  Yet, I can at least say I’ve been there.  


It can be easily seen how a wonderful tale can be born in an enchanting place like the Sherwood Forest.



Monday August 6th, 2007


I did not wanting to make a separate entry for this.

  So Will and I are sitting around Monday afternoon.  I was surfing the internet and something came to me.  I asked Will “Hey did you know there was a Hooter’s in Nottingham?” He replied with a raised eyebrow “no”.   I asked “How could we have say we have been to Nottingham and not have gone to the Hooter’s?”  It was the very same Hooter’s Robin and his men went to back in his day.  There was a mutual agreement that we needed to go back and the spontaneous decision was made to drive there and back this evening for dinner.  So Will and I loaded up and drove back in the same direction as the day before.   Hooter’s is about 90 miles, an hour and a half from Cambridge.  It would have been a lot faster but this country likes its roundabouts too much.  We get to Hooter’s and it looks exactly the same as all the others.  Same menu with the same prices but in pounds (so double what I would pay in the states).  The girls were nice and seemed happy to chat with us. 

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Will and I in front of the Major O…
Will and I in front of the Major …
Strangers who wanted to pose for a…
Strangers who wanted to pose for …
The trail to the Major Oak.
The trail to the Major Oak.
A joyful game of cricket.
A joyful game of cricket.
photo by: delpumu