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The Crown.

Mundford.  I started my stay in England here.  Don’t ask me why but I ended up staying at Crown Hotel in a little town called Munford.  This is a pub/hotel/restaurant.  For the first couple of weeks I was staying in a small room in what seemed to be a converted garage.  It was very uncomfortable.   My friend Will from the states arrived and I asked if they had any better accommodations.  They put the two of us in a four bedroom flat.  It was alright, had plenty of room, and right next to the pub.  So we stayed for another couple weeks.  The staff was always friendly. 


I am curious to know when the British are going to discover how to mix both hot and cold water together at the tap.

Our rental car in front of the 4 bedroom flat.
  The separate faucets are annoying; either I am washing my hands with cold water or really hot water.  There are many other little unusual differences from the states.  Apparently I am told its all about taxes and the longer I am in England the more I hear about these taxes.  I began to jokingly see how taxation without representation started…


Will and I rented ourselves a VW Polo.  Small, four doors, little engine, it was a European car alright.   It was not too difficult to get use to driving in the other side of the car, on the other side of the road.  The roads themselves are narrow and winding.  There are very few road signs available to help guide you.  If I didn’t have a GPS, I may have never gotten back to the hotel.  However, once you know where the speed cameras are, you’re golden.

The pub at the Crown.
  The Polo’s little engine does work hard and we always seem to make good time.  I’m sure I will be getting a ticket or two when I get back home -only if they can track me down.  Oh, and of course, the roundabouts.  There is nothing like four (sometimes more) different directions of traffic all merging and yielding to one another.  I can somewhat understand them when navigating around small towns but for the most part, I just don’t understand why.  


At about a month at the Crown and staying in Mundford, we decided to look for someplace else.  Cambridge is a wonderful college town and we found a great hotel with better accommodations. 

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The Crown.
The Crown.
Our rental car in front of the 4 b…
Our rental car in front of the 4 …
The pub at the Crown.
The pub at the Crown.
The small room they had me in to s…
The small room they had me in to …
photo by: mr_brenden