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IBN Battuta Mall...why don't Scottish malls look this good?!

This was destined to be a dangerous day...we set out from Al Maha for the 60 minute drive into the city at 9.30am, and we didn't get back until 12.30am! We'd booked dinner at Zheng He's at the Madinat Jumeirah Mina A'Salaam for 8.45pm so we knew we had a serious day of shopping ahead of us! Mark was bracing himself for the worst.

To be honest, it wasn't as bad as he thought it might be, we took our time and had lots of coffee stops!

First on our list was the IBN Battuta, a mall made up of seven zones, each themed as a country.

Mark after mall 1...just a few bags. There were quickly more!
We'd been here on our last visit to Dubai but had only got through 3 'worlds' so there was lots more to see, do and buy.
It was actually ideal for our first stop because I was buying Mark a Mont Blanc fountain pen for his wedding present and there's a MB shop in the IBN so first things first - make sure my baby was happy!

After a wander round and a Starbucks, and about 12 different shops - including one of my Dubai favourites, Forever21: there's stores in the States too, just not in the UK. I came away with two bags stuffed with clothes, including a cute cropped black mac - we hopped into a taxi (they are VERY reasonable in Dubai, much less than in the UK) and went to the Mall of the Emirates, where SkiDubai is.

-4 degrees celcius
This is the massive indoor ski slope with real snow and it gets down to -4 degrees Celsius inside, so everyone hires ski's odd seeing people in the hijab and the dish-dash with big black puffa jackets on!

Had lunch here - yummy freshly made crepes, mine with cherry tomatoes, pesto and mozzarella, one of my favourite combos. Found another excellent pyjama shop (there's one at the Deira City Centre - WomenSecret - that I always buy stuff from, except this trip) called Oysho, which sells much the same kind of stuff. Came away from there with 2 long pyjama bottoms, 2 short, 3 tops and a light dressing gown! I wear PJ bottoms round the house all the time so they're good investments. This was the only time Mark got a bit bored...he found early on in our trips to Dubai that a man, especially a Western man in a women's underwear and PJ shop is met with odd looks, so he cuts his losses and sits outside now.

We also had to buy a new piece of luggage to get stuff home, but got a really good deal on it (funky red suede Brics bag). Let's hope we don't get done for excess luggage.

Yummy Jiaozi!

We had a gander at the ski slope again, bought a few more bits and pieces then headed to the Deira City Centre mall, which is one of my favourites (along with the Mall of the Emirates now). More browsing, more buying, more coffee and doughnuts and Mark also bought me a beautiful white gold and diamond bangle...he said it was too soon for an eternity ring! And after this, Mark was done shopping so we went to Zheng He's for yet another superb meal.

Zheng He's is a very traditional Chinese restaurant at the Mina A'Salaam hotel in the Madinat Jumeirah Complex. I always have the pork and pak choi dumplings, usually two portions as a starter. This is because when I was in China teaching, my home stay Grandmother made these once a week, and her jiaozi (dumplings) were superb and these are just the same. The problem is always then that I can't finish my main meal, but still want more jiaozi!!!

As we finished our meal we realised it had been a hell of a long day, and were quite glad to hop back into the 4x4 taxi and head for the hotel and more importantly bed.

Now, how to get all these new clothes home without getting busted at customs and excess baggage? How many clothes can I wear at the one time?

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IBN Battuta Mall...why dont Scott…
IBN Battuta Mall...why don't Scot…
Mark after mall 1...just a few bag…
Mark after mall 1...just a few ba…
-4 degrees celcius
-4 degrees celcius
Yummy Jiaozi!
Yummy Jiaozi!
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