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Eagle’s Wings!  Yes, Eagle’s Wings!  I am sad to leave Ba Silvia and the class for a month.  We have had a really amazing past couple of weeks and I fall more in love with her and the children each time I go. 


Last week I spoke on the parables of the lost sheep and the lost coin.  We had a coin hunt and Sylvia was giggling as wildly as the children.  Then we had one of the boys be a lost sheep, and when he was found the class returned and cried out “AYA! AYA! AYA! AYA!” in celebration so loudly that the others were asking us about it during break.  Then Sylvia had them sing a song and they chose one about the prodigal son, sharing in big group hugs to show the father’s excitement upon his son’s return.  It was beautiful!


This week we talked about the wise man and the foolish man.  Ba Silvia assured me the class would know the song well to show off to me next week.  She was sad to hear we’d be gone for four weeks, and mentioned how heartbreaking the end of the year is when everyone leaves, wishing it would never come.  It was a sad thought, but was interrupted when a little boy came up and told Silvia it wasn’t fair – I should stay the whole day because the kids in the morning get more time with me.  It was adorable and I so wanted to say yes!  There are just so many things to do in each day, I wish there were more hands, more hours.


Laura, Fred and I met with Principle Daniel afterwards and he informed us that the community school needs more assistance – there are 60 students and only one teacher.  So we will probably all be going there when we get back.  I am eager to help but also don’t want to leave the year one class, but may be able to split a little time.  There must be some way.  We shall see…  Please, Lord? 


I’ve been asked about packages to Eagle’s Wings – and YES!  They are in need!  All varieties of supplies are needed: pencils, exercise books, chalk, dry erase markers, stickers (they love), erasers, rulers, etc.  The walls are bare as well, and I was thinking the letter signs, numbers, times tables, world and Africa maps (which they have none) and such posters for the walls.  I made a phonics poster last week for them and it looks a bit lonely, save for the “Elements of Christian Teaching” list – which is encouraging.  Any kind of teaching aid would be greatly appreciated.  What a wonderful thought, thank you for offering and sharing in my love for this ministry!  Of course I forgot the address, but I can make sure to get anything to them - and just mark the customs box as "sweets" and low value: Emily Jacobson, Kaniki Bible College, PO BOX 250092, Ndola, Zambia


Oh!  We also met an Aussie this week who has been serving at Eagle’s Wings and is a lot of fun, and we’re meeting up with her in Ndola.  It is awesome to be united in one common goal; it makes for rapid friendship developing.  I love it!

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