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Eating at Wato Club after a long day at the craft market.

Tuesday October 16th

Today was my first real day of school. I sat in on Rachel’s English lessons. So much needs to be changed here! Hardly any work gets done! The teachers are not very good because one they aren’t qualified and are just random people except for a few, and two they don’t enjoy the children, and three haven’t been paid in so long they don’t want to work., They often sleep or wander off. They also still kane the children here when they misbehave.

The kids are very rowdy and naughty. There is always pushing, shoving, hitting, yelling. The kids scream out when they want to be called on even when their hand is raised and they’re often out of their seats. Most of them don’t comprehend what they learn and copy out of the books.

They don’t comprehend anything they read and maintain their knowledge. I’m going to act as an assistant while Rachel is still here until next week where I’ll take 3-5 of the slower kids and pull them for some one on one. There are often kids 3-4 years apart in the same grade so it’s very difficult. After Rachel leaves I’ll then take over her classes. I also started a class picture project and have been using my camera frequently.

We went to Busua Beach on Sunday, our last day of the trip. It was good fun and I waded into the ocean for a bit. Yesterday we went to the craft market where they have some of the most amazing stuff. I’m having an artist enlarge a painting I fell in love with of the sun setting over the jungle and some water. I’m paying extremely cheap for what they sell most of the paintings here.

I love these types of sculptures!
I also bought a bag but am waiting till the end of the trip to buy more.

The food here…well Rachel, Amanda, David and Brent pretty much love it. I’ve been trying it all but when eating out I’ve stuck to the European food. I do like the porridges that they make here. They taste a lot like oatmeal in a lot of ways. But spaghetti (both traditionally and non traditionally) have come to be my preference if we eat in a restaurant.

Going to the restroom…wow. Most places don’t have toilet paper. Also, if you have a toilet, usually it does not flush. One bar nearby has a drain that’s like the bottom of the shower and you just go there. Often times you just have to go in a gutter or around a corner where nobody is looking. Not very exciting really.

Drums (very cheap here!)

The power went out last night which sucked because we had all planned to go the internet café then but oh well. It’s weird too because everyone has machete’s here to cut things and I’ve always known them as a weapon. Also, people walk all along the streets with buckets, baskets, and trays on their heads. They really do do that! You can buy stuff through the window of the tro tro whenever you want! Chickens, goats and sheep tend to just run about the city. You also have to watch where you walk so you don’t step in a puddle of water that you don’t know what it is. They also have open sewers here so watch out for those!

The people are so funny about seeing white people though….really! Everyone wants to say hi, know your name, get your telephone number and email.

Me and my new purse I bought. I thought it was sheepskin (they use sheep here for food) and turns out it was antelope so now I feel a little bad
It’s mostly because they’re friendly. The telephone number and email is not as common but still fairly common because they want to become your friend so they can get invited to go to the states for a visit. But overall they really just want to know your name and where you’re from. If you don’t say hi back it’s considered very rude.

Wow there is just so much to talk about it’s crazy! Oh yeah, not sure if I mentioned but I shower with buckets in the mornings haha and we wash clothes by hand in a bucket. Most of the roads are dirt or paved but surrounded by dirt so you get very dirty. We don’t wear makeup and my hair…haha if any of you know my natural hair it means it gets crazy.

Alright. Well I’m off to the internet café for right now to post all this. Will talk to you all soon!

yheleen says:
i love what you are doing - very noble ;)
Posted on: Aug 21, 2008
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Eating at Wato Club after a long d…
Eating at Wato Club after a long …
I love these types of sculptures!
I love these types of sculptures!
Drums (very cheap here!)
Drums (very cheap here!)
Me and my new purse I bought.  I t…
Me and my new purse I bought. I …
photo by: qophys