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Ugh, yesterday was such a long day! I met up with Kate yesterday for the first time. We met off of the travbuddy website. Not something I would typically do but considering Amanda and Rachael left I don't have anyone in the house anymore. David and Brent are still here but they live like 20 minutes away and they've been here for almost two months so they've pretty much travelled to all the places I wanted to go. So, after speaking with Kate on the phone and hearing how excited she was to travel and that she was definately British (the accent) I said what the heck. I had to take a tro tro from Accra to Ho Hoe which is in the Volta Region of the country. I waited nearly an hour for the tro tro to fill up before we even got on the road and by that time it was the heart of rush hour. Believe it or not, traffic here is MUCH WORSE than it is in Los Angeles. I didn't think anything got worse than LA or New York but it does! It tooks us nearly four hours just to get out of the city!

I finally arrived in Ho Hoe at 12:15 AM (I started my journey at 4) and caught a taxi to the hotel where I was to meet Kate. The driver charged me three times the amount (like they sometimes try to do although most are honest) for a five minute ride. it should have been MAYBE one cedi (equivalent to one dollar) but he charged me three cedi (3 dollars). That's normal in the US but one cedi is a lot for a ride here. I had to call Kate to have her tell the hotel to open the gate. Most people lock their gates here at night so nobody breaks in. And then we met! Haha.

After getting settled in, the funny thing was that it wasn't strange at all! We just clicked right away. I got there and we stayed up for three hours just chatting about our lives and anything else we could think of until we forced ourselves to go to sleep because we could've talked all night! Plus we wanted to visit the Falls and the Monkey Sanctuary. Breakfast was delicious as well. I had a cheese omelette with onion and tomato, tea (for some reason I love tea here even though it's extremely hot outside!), and I think toast. The hotel was a luxury hotel for Ghana. We paid 30 ghana cedis (30 dollars) for our double room but the bed was so big it could fit 5 people. The single was the size of most doubles and was only 20 dollars but she wasn't sure what I would be comfortable with. The best part???? Television with BBC so we could see what was happening in the rest of the world and HOT RUNNING WATER!

You have no idea how exciting it is to have not only running water, but HOT water! I've never seen this anywhere else in Ghana. I had to yell from the bathroom to Kate because it is so exciting! It was an actual bathtub as well. Made out of cheap material but nevertheless an actual bathtub. I could've taken a bath (and should've!).

We're off to the falls now. Can't wait to see it because waterfalls are just too beautiful!

sassicassi says:
The mavin hotel! Simple but cheap and very centrally located!
Posted on: Oct 14, 2011
delaneymayo says:
Can you tell me which hotel that was? I'm leaving for Hohoe in two weeks and not many places have a web site as I'm sure you know. I'm volunteering at an orphanage there and staying at the Kiti Hotel. I have no idea what to expect but I know it will be a wonderful trip. I'd appreciate whatever you have to share on Hohoe. Thanks
Posted on: Sep 30, 2011
yheleen says:
i love waterfalls ;)
Posted on: Aug 21, 2008
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