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Imagine being stuck in traffic on LA's 405 freeway and a woman coming to your window offering you fish?  Or how about cell phone accessories?  Well that's what it's like when you're in a tro tro in Ghana.  Everytime you even slow down, women flock to your tro tro...all selling virtually the same things: fish, shrimp, kabobs, chicken, maize, crackers, buckets, water, electronics, toiletries, oranges, plantains and anything else.  But you will have 2-4 women selling the same things to the same car!  It's nuts but also kind of nice to not have to go shopping for it per say.  Let's just say I snacked a lot.  I loved the plantain chips!

I called my mom today for the first time and she answered the phone screaming and ranting.  She yelled to not ever call her number again and why must you call so late...until I interrupted and she about had a panic attack.  I wasn't supposed to have a phone in Ghana and never intended calling her but soon realized just how cheap it was so I surprised her.  But she surprised me thinking I was a solicitor and almost hanging up on me.  She about cried at the thought haha.  It was good to talk to her though, I do miss her. 

On the way home from Wli Falls I was almost home and as I was waiting for a tro to fill up, the door fell off.   Haha, yup just fell off.  It was one of those "Africa moments."  I mean where else would a giant van door just fall off and 4 men gather around to hold it up so they could quickly reattach it?  I made a note of this in my notebook to remember and the man behind me decided to read it.  He asked me rather meanly why I wrote that and I just couldn't explain why I found it so funny.  He was genuinely upset, maybe because he thought it made Ghana look bad?  While I had the hardest time containing my laughter at what I consider very special "little moments" in life =)  But when I got out of the car I guess karma wanted to say something because my flip flop broke and I had a hard time getting home haha.
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photo by: qophys