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Just some random notes in my notebook:

The accountant at the school was sitting at his desk today cutting the hair out of his ears.  haha but what made it so funny, is imagine someone using a regular pair of large scissors to do it hahaha.  Maybe you had to see it but large scissors half obscured because they're halfway down an old mans  Again, only in Ghana.

At the house we have to flush the toilet by pouring a bucket of water in the bowl, and then flushing.  I just realized how inefficiently we really use water in our daily lives back home.  I mean really!  It actually takes a bucket and a half to put in the bowl for one flush.  Think about all the times we flush back home?  No wonder the worlds focusing on water conservation.  Now I will be too.  Kind of a wake up call when it becomes manual labor...sad but true.

I went with Mr. Aboagye to pay the electric bill for the school because the power got shut off...they had a tv in there that was playing "Secreto de Amor," a Spanish soap that was REALLY bad!  They kept advertising for the Tyra show and Opera and then would go back to spanish soaps.  NO ONE SPEAKS SPANISH IN GHANA!  HAHAHA.  It was so terrible.  I mean BAD ACTING!  I guess they play it because it's cheap to buy...they also showed WWE...strange I thought.  But the men seemed to really love it.  I would've never thought.  Then a Ghanaian soap came on and right away someone got shot and killed, down on his knees.  They were wearing ski masks too.  So much violence right away.  I thought that was a REALLY poor depiction of how he was shot and not to mention, what kind of message are they sending?  If you want to kill someone because they're rich and haven't paid you yet, wear ski masks and murder them while they'r e on their knees with their wife watching and then steal their car?  From what it seemed the man hadn't really even done much wrong to be honest!  Sad.  Really sad.

I was riding a bus to Kaneshie and a man got on board selling medicine for 2 cedi and a book of wisdom for 1 cedi (equivalent to $2 US and $1's almost dollar for dollar there).  The whole ride he was preaching and yelling it was LOUD AND OBNOXIOUS!  I couldn't take it.  Ghana really is testing my patience!

Kate and I tried to catch a tro to Cape Coast and we were the first ones so we assumed it would take AT LEAST 2 hours to fill up so we went to a restaurant.  We got there and asked for a menu and they said "No menu.  We have Joloff Rice and stew."  Great selection right?  We said "No macaroni?" Which is universal for pasta there.  He said no but left the door and bought us some, brought it back and cooked it to order with tomato paste.  we left him a good tip.  Again, Ghanaians going out of their way....amazing!

List of items on the windshield of a tro tro to Takoradi:
-Jamaican Flag x 2
-Plastic Lizard in 70s style, love boat style, pimp out your VW bus fringe in Orange
-3 hand sized soccer balls in nets
-Uncle Sam Sticker
-French Flag
-Mini Russia and Mexico soccer gloves
-2 sun looking pendants

And lots more.  Let me remind you these were ON THE WINDSHIELD all over the place.  I can't imagine how he drove!  There were others too but just found those ironic haha.
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photo by: qophys