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"I dream of grated cheese."

"My spit is dripping into the bucket." -At the Savoy Hotel in Cape Coast where the drain from the sink drips into a bucket that you have to empty.  I realized this while brushing my teeth and hearing the spit of my toothpaste slowly plop into the bucket below.  Haha...not sure of the point.  But the Savoy hotel was REALLY nice....not like super nice but the rooms...real mattresses (no foam! AH! YAY!), branded pillowcases, a good fan, large bathroom, toilet paper and soap actually were provided, all for $12 for a double!

"I've called you a taxi in case you're scared of me."

Kates story: travelling in Italy by train and leaned out the window...got a piece of iron stuck in her eye for three weeks and didn't know until it rusted there.  They had to operate and she had to wear a huge patch.  Note to Kate: you're not a dog, don't lean out windows of fast moving vehicles just to feel the wind in your hair! 

Shop names in Ghana:
See! What god can do
Except God Entertainment (strange spelling here...not sure if they did this on purpose or wanted the word accept?)
Thank you Jesus Fashion (because Jesus tells us what's in style)
He Lives Cold Meat Store (ironic for a butcher shop...?)
God Can do Hair Do (I want God to do my hair!)
RENESO says:
hi yheleen- ako na sasagot nito-Christian mga 69%- halo halo na Catholic-pentecostal etc.at ang muslim naman mga 16%. Kakatuwa talaga ang ibang pangalan ng mga shops dito. Yaan mo picturan ko minsan.
Posted on: Jul 30, 2011
yheleen says:
unique names for shops ;) Ghana is a Christian country? ;)
Posted on: Aug 21, 2008
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Cape Coast
photo by: SmileyGirl