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Kate met up with me in Accra to begin our one week adventure to end our trips there =(  We decided to take the STC bus (State Transporation something).  Actual coach buses though, so much more comfy and they run on schedules (surprising!).  But even more surprising is I ran into my first bathroom where I had to pay to use it!  What?!  No wonder people defecate in the streets.  Who has money for a restroom that's not much better than outside?  It was a six hour ride to Kumasi so what did Kate and I resort to?  CHILDHOOD GAMES!  We remembered how to play Masho and that connect the dots box game.  We played for HOURS and laughed histerically at Masho for who knows why.  It just kept getting funnier and we put ourselves with the worst possible people you could imagine haha.  The people behind us thought we were pyscho.  Maybe we were.  It was a six hour ride...

The bus dropped us at the wrong station because the driver decided he didn't want to drive there.  We asked for directions and apparently in Kumasi there's an Adum and on Odum...notice the A versus O spelling.  Well we were at Adum and needed to go to Odum.  We asked for help and showed our guide book map and about fifteen locals grabbed the book and began arguing that they had spelled it wrong.  They couldn't figure out where we were but thought they knew.  After thirty minutes of bickering and trying ot get the book back, we grabbed it, thanked them and quickly walked away.  It was getting dark and we just wanted to get to our hotel!  We finally arrived at the hotel and asked about the restaurant.  A woman replied "Market, my mother is at the market."  So apparently that meant no food, so we went on the hunt through the dark streets to find a restaurant.  Finally found one that had a HUGE fan blowing that felt great.  No one was there and there was a big open space with hard wood what did I do?  I danced!  I miss dancing and it reminded me of a dance floor.  And what girl can resist dancing with a giant fan blowing as if you're in a Victoria's Secret photo shoot.  Kate was laughing hysterically and people were peering in through the windows, but who cares!  Dance as if no one is watching right?!
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photo by: qophys