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We checked out and checked on the STC times first.  Well they only ran two times that day and we'd missed them both.   Great.  So we were tro troing.  They have a HUGE market in Kumasi as well as an actual supermarket which provides some sort of Western items.  I found shampoo yay!  The shampoo there is really strange because it's not exactly made for white people but I found Cantu...which I somehow remember the commercials for but never see it in the US.  We ate breakfast at a 5 star hotel and it was DELICIOUS.  Like I've said before, I don't really like the Ghanaian food so I'm living off of macaroni (aka spaghetti) and omelettes from restaurants.  We went to the market which was nuts and MUCH bigger than Accras.  It was a little overwhelming so we left.  We did however go to the culture center and they were having a celebration of some sorts there.  We did a little shopping...Kate bought a knife and we left.

On the way back to the station we saw the Kumasi Zoo and decided to go in.  It was sooooo sad!  The animal cages were tiny and the animals were so undernourished!  The monkeys had no room to play.  Some locals had caught a bat (there were thousands of fruit bats flying freely...they just went there on their own) and they let this monkey grab at it and pull it.  I got so mad and yelled at them.  Ugh!  We also saw a man that has one of the common malnourish diseases.  His upper body was normal and then his legs were literally bone.  I wanted to cry for him.  He looked fairly happy considering the circumstances and was begging for money.  I gave him 4 cedis and he was really grateful.  I wish I could've done more!  We also saw a stall with what looked like little replica imitations of the devil maybe...and they were bbq'd bats!  It was disgusting!  It looked like a baby fetus charred.  I couldn't even look at them anymore.

We finally headed out but turns out the tro tro we needed wasn't at the main station (imagine our luck).  We had the name of where we needed to go on a piece of paper and showed it to a man who motioned for us to follow.  He was a crazy, quiet, fast-walking, non english speaking guy who led us across Kumasi in 20 minutes time.  Kate and I were sweating like pigs and our legs were killing because he was practically running!  Then we had to wait in the tro tro for a few hours before it actually left.  Another 6 hour ride. 

On the way, Kate saw carrots and got really excited.  We hadn't seen any real vegetables in Ghana.  So she starts to peel it with her new knife and what does she do?  She drops it on my leg and punctures me.  Seriously Kate?  Seriously!  Not just a knife but this thing was like a dagger.  The guy next to me said that if I had a white fowl I'd be ok.  Anyone know what that means?  Haha.  I don't.  We then proceeded to get stopped by the police who wanted to check the inventory of the stuff tied to the roof.  As Kate called her mom to say hi, I went to walk down a very slight hill.  But my plans went to shambles when I hit gravel.  My legs flew out under me, my phone in my hand went flying and I crashed on the hill.  It tore a hole through my cotton pants and I was bleeding.  Great!

Kate had antibiotic cream so I sat on the side of the road with my LED lantern (this thing got great reviews!  Everyone looked at it like it was God!) and I had about 15 people gather around me.  I felt like the nerdy kid at the playground who always got picked on because all the Ghanaians were laughing at me.  It was a small scrape but hello I'm in a foreign country!  I don't want to get sick!  So we cleaned it up and put cream on it...a little boy kindly found my phone and the locals continued to talk about my fall for the next twenty minutes until we finally got back on the bus.  Dagger to the leg and scraped knee, police impound like of our luggage.  ugh!
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photo by: SmileyGirl