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I met with the Essuman and Oppong families today in their homes.  All I can say is wow, are people inviting and friendly!

The Essumans live in a 2 room home in a compound.  They have a porch which doubles as their kitchen and the whole compound shares the bathroom facilities.  5 people sleep in just one room of the home...most of them on the floor.  The father was so amazing and inspiring.  He was very eager for his kids to excel.  He wants Joseph to study in the US desperately because of how good the education is...not just because it's the US.  Of all the parents there, he wasn't the most successful but he seemed to care the most about the education his kids received, which showed because his kids were picked based off of their grades!

The Oppong family was amazing as well and so exuberant!  The Father is applying to become a certified electrician for the government and then eventually work for himself.  They have a one room home divided solely by a curtain.  The cooking is done outside on an open cement area.  It's definitely rather small but it seems as if they've taken family planning into consideration and only have two children...the least I think I saw of any family.

It's so awe inspiring as well because I feel like I'm treated like royalty, which I don't want any part of!  It just makes me realize how little respect Americans hold for one another and even themselves!  No matter what house I went to I was always presented with something to drink and the best that they could provide.  From one family borrowing a cooler from a neighbor so that they could at least give me somewhat chilled satchets of water, to chilled water satchets presented on plates, to sprite being served in a wine glass.  The girl apologized for the glass saying it was the best they had.  I wasn't at all thirsty but drank each and every one of them out of respect for the families.  It was such a small token but held such high value...there were no words to describe.
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photo by: qophys