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Kate came into town this weekend again!  We met in Osu, the "white" part of Accra.  She hadn't eaten at the famous "American" restaurant there so we splurged.  I'd eaten there once but she's staying in the RURAL part of Ghana 4 hours away and had been eating rat and other gross traditional food (I'm not a huge fan of the Ghanaian food).  She had a cheeseburger and really was in paradise!  Kate stayed over at the Aboagye's with me and it was so funny...I felt like I was with my family, just the Ghanaian version.  She met little Kwame, met my "parents" and they loved her.  They welcomed her into their home as much as they did with me.  When I first asked Mr. Aboagye if she could stay (heck there's 3 empty beds in my house), he said of course!  He said since I was away from my parents it was their duty to act in their place and provide the support and love that my parents couldn't directly provide.  It was so much like a father talking to his little girl, it was sooooo cute!  I just adore that family!

Anyways, after cheesburgers, Kate and I trekked alllllll over Accra trying to get tickets to the huge John Legend concert being held in the stadium there the next day.  Everyone had heard about it but apparently buying tickets in advance isn't something people do (even though they advertised on the radio).  We went to where we THOUGHT the tickets were and walked into a computer expo!  Yikes!  Here we are, two backpackers, in the midst of well dressed Ghanaians with high tech equipment.  Haha.  Someone told us to try the television station that was sponsoring the event.  We went there and they had noooo idea and looked at us like we were crazy or something.  We finally gave up and headed to Kokrobite.

The Bradt guide had said that Big Millie's in Kokrobite was a backpacker hang out so we were like, alright, backpackers, yay.  Other wanderers like us hanging out.  This place was AWESOME!  The guy who ran the hotel sat us down in the "Kids, let's talk about sex and drugs" fashion to tell us the rules of the hangout.  It was such a fatherly talk about safety, etc.  It was cool actually, you carried no money the whole time.  Everything was kept as a running tab at the bar and afte ryou locked your room, you left your key with the bartender who was there 24 hours and only you could get it back.  It was great because we really got to know the bartender too.  There were tons of obrunis, many of whom we'd met earlier in different parts of the country but plenty of new ones too.  The place was a bunch of little huts and then basically a platform with a roof and mattresses on the ground.  The first night we slept in a room but the second night was booked so we slept on the platform which was a bit like camping...just lined up next to like 10 other people haha.  And there was only one available so of course Kate and I shared a bed yet again haha.  there was also a surprising amount of locals which was awesome!  Just outside the walls of the place was the beach with full blown rastafaris smoking ganja and loving life.  Never did I expect to see such an amazing lifestyle haha!  I even had one guy make some earrings and a necklace for me out of the shells I found on the beach.  The first night was drumming and dancing which was free for the locals to come watch as well.  Kids were falling asleep everywhere but it was so fun!  Fire dances, traditional costumes....amazing!  Oh yeah and Kate and I even bought some dresses hanging from the trees...I bought a traditional print one and wore it that night and Kate bought one made out of a bag of flour haha.  Only in Africa.

Saturday we attempted to go to the John Legend concert but it apparently got "rained out" even though it was supposed to start at 1 and they had even gotten nearly close to being set up.  They were sitll putting up the giant backdrop of "Souls of Africa" and were only on the U of the 20 foot high sign!  Kate ran into some guy selling CD's who she knew had sold CD's on the streets outside of clubs in London...small world!  We decided to high tail it back to Big Millie's for the reggae concert there.  They hadn't started yet so Kate blasted reggae on her ipod through the speaker systems and the fun began!  Everyone was drinking and dancing and Kate was letting loose like none other haha!  I even video taped her.  The Ghanaians REALLY liked her dancing.  I hung out with some new people and met this couple from LA that lives like 3 blocks from where I lived six months ago.  Again, small world!  I woke up the next morning for breakfast...tired, happy, thinking of reggae music...oh yeah, and then Kate sleeping next to me.  Haha.  I ordered an omelette which for some reason took one hour to make.  Ghanaians have no sense of time and it DRIVES ME CRAZY!  EVERYONE got food, even people who ordered after me and I about gave up but I was too hungry. 

Overall, AMAZING weekend and loved it!  I can't wait to come back here next time.  It was a little piece of heaven and definitely relaxing but not in the over the top I've got luxury relaxing.  Can't wait for next weekend!
ragerdyman says:
I went volunteering in Ghana and most weekends we took the six hour journey down to Millys Backyard very chilled place.
Posted on: May 09, 2014
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