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Bryce Canyon N.P.: Amazing beauty.

I get off the Cottonwood road and make my way through the town of Torrey where I get gas and a few food items at the store and then head up towards Bryce Canyon National Park.  At Bryce Canyon I check out the visitor center and then head out to find a place to camp in the megalopolis campground.  I find a spot and then head out for a sunset peek at the scenery from the edge of the "canyon".  The scenery here is amazing.  Just beautiful colors and endless numbers of amazing hoodoo sculptures.  Amazing!

The next day I have planned on taking backcoutry backpack into Bryce canyon's backcoutry.  I get up and explore the highway leading out into the park.

Bryce Canyon N.P.: Amazing colors.
  Bryce is set out in a linear fashion with a dead end at the south.  I made my way to the south and visited all the scenic spots which are mainly drive-up viewpoints over the edge to the scenery.  After that I drop my backpack off near the trailhead, drive down to the other end of my hike and then ride my bike back to the trailhead with my backpack to begin my backpacking trip.  I am planning on spending just one night backpacking.  You are required to fill out  permit setting up your camping spot and filling out your itinerary.  The Bryce backcounrty is not all that popular so it is easy to get a campsite.  I head down on my backpack and see the world below the rim which most visitors to Bryce don't get to see.  This part of the park has trees that you are down hiking in and there are a few hills to cliimb along the way which feel bigger than they really are at the high elevation of Bryce (7,500-8,000 feet).
Bryce Canyon N.P.: Amazing scenery.
  I spend the night at my campsite at Yellow Creek and there is a family that shows up just after I set up my Camp.  They are from Maryland and they are doing a 4 day trek.  There are about 7 sites at each official camp spot and with just these two groups it is quiet. 

On my second day I have to climb out of the canyon to Rainbow point which is a major viewpoint for car tourists.  It is a beautiful hike up the long hill through the rock formations.  Some very nice scenery.  Especialy the last mile or two.  There are some tourists hiking down from the viewpoint now too so it is getting busier.  Nice backpack though.  By just driving to all the viewpoints along the roads I never would have seen the scenery from this perspective.  I finish my backpack, retieve my bicycle and find a campsite in the campground city.

Bryce Canyon N.P.: Amazing landscapes.
  The campgrounds are not all that bad I guess just big and spread out.

The next day I take a morning hike deep down into the canyon from Sunrise point.  There is a 5 mile or so hike I took that takes you around the rock formations and gives you a diferent perspective on them than the one you get from above.  There are spots where they are very tall and that is impressive.  It was a nice hike with lots of picture taking.  After that I pack up and head my way over to Zion National Park which is just a few hours away from Bryce canyon.

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Bryce Canyon N.P.:  Amazing beauty.
Bryce Canyon N.P.: Amazing beauty.
Bryce Canyon N.P.:  Amazing colors.
Bryce Canyon N.P.: Amazing colors.
Bryce Canyon N.P.:  Amazing scener…
Bryce Canyon N.P.: Amazing scene…
Bryce Canyon N.P.:  Amazing landsc…
Bryce Canyon N.P.: Amazing lands…
Bryce Canyon N.P.:   Just amazing.
Bryce Canyon N.P.: Just amazing.