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Let me try and give you a tour of the place where I will be living for a year: It is a one storey house with three and a half bedrooms, a kitchen, livingroom, playroom, 2 offices, 2 bathrooms, an extra toilet, a garage and a HUGE backyard. I say that there are three and a half bedrooms, since Shasta's bedroom used to be a walk-in closet. Now that might sound strange, so don't get the wrong idea, Shasta only sleeps there and there is a window and it is about 2x2m big. Then there is Dakota's bedroom, the parents' bedroom and mine of course. My bedroom is nice and quite big. I have a huge bed, which I tend to move around on during the night. When I will return home I will have to get used to my little bed again and have to give up the freedom of moving around as much during the night or I might fall off. Next to my little apple laptop which I have brought along with me I have a pc at my disposal. In the walk-in closet (which isn't as big as Shasta's room) I have a table with a tv and dvd player, so that when I want to watch a movie I can do so in my room while sitting/lying on my bed. My room has a view into the street, but from the livingroom and kitchen have a view over the backyard and when it is a smokeless and/or cloudless day one can see the mountains.
I have the Au Pair car at my disposal, it is a Saturn. It is a car with a stick, so I won't forget how to shift, which is nice. In order to start the car one must have the magic touch and be able to put in the key correctly because otherwise it doesn't turn, this sounds ridiculous, but one can put the key in too much and then it doesn't start. Sometimes I get lucky and I manage to put it in right the first time, but very often I have to fiddle with the key for some time before I can finally start it. But apparently all the au pairs had trouble at first, but within to weeks they acquired the magic touch and didn't have any problems with it anymore. Hopefully it'll be the same for me.

PS: I'll try and make some pictures in the near future and upload them, I didn't think of making pictures of these trivial things, but since I described them, I think it only right to show them as well. Please be patient with me...
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photo by: ejames01