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After a night of not much sleep my father, brother, Katka and I set off from Katka's place to the train station. The bags seemed to be a lot heavier than I had expected them to be. Even after I had left my tent behind. Katka said goodbye on the train station and my family and I set off with the train to escort me to the airport. During the train trip I couldn't help myself, but I kept on dozing off. The plan was to sleep as little as possible so that I would fall asleep on the plane and would arrive fresh in Bozeman. This plan however did not work, I couldn't really sleep much on the plane, every time I dozed off for only a few minutes.
At the passport control I said goodbye to my father and brother. I was well on time so I took my time to get to the gate. The flight from Schiphol to O' Hare Airport in Chicago went fine. I got through passport and visa control without any problems. When I went to get my luggage was when the trouble started, my backpack was supposed to come on the odd sized luggage belt. After some searching I finally found the right belt, but my backpack wasn't on there. Since I had only a little more than an hour and a half to get from one plane to the other, I was starting to freak, since I only had a bit more than an hour left and I had to get to another terminal in the meantime and go through customs. After waiting for some time at the odd sized luggage belt I decided to go and take another look at the belt where my other bag had arrived. My backpack had been circling around for some time... Just as I was putting my backpack onto the trolley a dog started barking at my things. An official looking lady approached me and asked me whether I was carrying any food with me, to this I complied. She asked to see it, I showed her my krentenbollen, cheese, 2 oranges and a banana. She confiscated my oranges and asked me all kinds of questions. After I had answered them all, she wrote something on my customs form and said I was free to go. By this time I was really nervous since I had a little less than an hour to catch my next plane. After I came up to the customs official and handed over my form I was sent to some special screening. Unfortunately there was a huge family from, most probably, Mexico, with loads of luggage in front of me. In the end I managed to get through this check quite quickly.
I would've lugged my luggage from one terminal to another if one of the personnel didn't catch me and asked me whether I was on my way for a transfer flight with United. When I said yes, he told me where I could leave my luggage. I dropped off my luggage and hurried on. As I was making my way through the crowd I noticed someone was trying to catch my attention. In all the stress I dropped my passport... luckily this person saw it and gave it back to me.
When I wanted to go upstairs to catch the shuttle train to my terminal I was told that the train broke down, but buses are being arranged. My heart sank like a stone. "I will never catch my plane now" was running through my head. "If it takes as long as it takes the NS to arrange buses, then I have no chance..." But I was in the States now, there is no NS to screw things up. When I came outside there were a few buses waiting. I got on the first one that wasn't completely full yet and hoped it would go to my terminal first. Luck seemed to change on me, it did go to my terminal first!
I must have looked really stressed since the lady who was arranging the line at the security check asked me with concern in her eyes whether I was ok. When I said that I had only about a half an hour left to catch my flight she said that I shouldn't worry and everything will turn out fine. As I was waiting in line to go  through the security check I realized that I still had some water in my water bottle. In my mind I had already said goodbye to my water bottle, but the lady just said that she would pour it out and returned the bottle to me. Really my luck seemed to change, I still had about 25 minutes before my flight was going to take off. When I dropped off my luggage I was told to which gate I was supposed to go. After the security check I just took a run for it. Man! the airport is huge! When I arrived at the gate it didn't say Denver but San Francisco. "O help, I am at the wrong gate and I only have about 15 minutes left!" I was really starting to panic. I quickly found the screens where the departures where listed. When I took a closer look I found out that my flight to Denver had been delayed for an hour! All this rushing wasn't necessary after all! I took a seat and waited for about an hour, trying desperately not to fall asleep, so as not to miss my plane.
When I took my seat in the plane to Denver I immediately fell asleep. I woke up when they brought around the drinks, I took about one sip of mine and fell asleep. I was woken up by the little girl sitting across the isle just before we landing. She was worried that I would miss the landing. I noticed that while I was sleeping the stewardess must have taken away my drink, since it wasn't there anymore. In Denver I had three and a half hours so I watched a movie and tried not to fall asleep.
The flight to Bozeman was really beautiful; I could see lightning from above. I had never seen that before, only from bellow. Just below us it was clear, so I could see the cities below us. So not only did I see lightning from above, but I also saw something of the country by night.
As I was walking towards the luggage hall in Bozeman I saw my family for the first time! When I got into the hall, I was welcomed warmly by Anneloes, Vance, Shasta and Dakota. Dakota was the "shy boy" he didn't speak two words to me that night. I was dazed that after all the setbacks I was finally able to make it to Bozeman and finally meet the Morosi family. I was exhausted but extremely relieved to finally be here. After collecting my bags the family took me to my new home for a year and to my room. I think I fell asleep even before my head hit the pillow.
sylviandavid says:
nice blog. good detail. Sylvia
Posted on: Oct 08, 2007
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