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Since I haven't been to training, how to become and Au Pair, yet, I had to leave the family for a few days to attend Au Pair training in Elizabeth, New Jersey. The flight was quite uneventful, which was a nice change to my previous flight. On the airport it took me forever to figure out which shuttle bus I should take to my hotel; there are, I don't know how, many different Marriott hotels in the vicinity of Newark and each hotel has it's own shuttlebus. After I had gotten some help from one of the drivers I was able to board the right shuttle and was off to my hotel. At the hotel reception I only said that I was there with the Au Pair Foundation and the lady gave me a key without even verifying my identification. I thought it was a bit strange but just proceded down the lobby to where the elevators were. In the suite I found another girl, Dijana a girl from Serbia.
On my ticket it said that I would get lunch on the flight from the Twin Cities, Minnesotta, but for some reason the lunch never came, so when I finally arrived at the hotel I was starving. It was around eight in the evening Bozeman time when I arrived and had eaten only a small breakfast and an apple on the way. After introductions Dijana and I set off to find a store, since we had a kitchen in our suite. In the lobby we asked the receptionist for a map and directions to a store. The receptionist told us that we should take the bus and that it would take about 20-30 minutes. While we were waiting at the bus stop I asked another girl about the directions again, she told us that it might take some time before a bus would come. She also mentioned that the bus going in the opposite direction was going to the mall. After waiting for at least half an hour and still no bus had come in our direction we decided to hop on a bus towards the mall. I paid $1,35 for a busride that took no more than a minute and what we could've easily walked. Since then it was our joke that we were going to take the bus to the mall. After some dinner we went to bed. Since there were two rooms, each took one. Sometime in the middle of the night I was awoken by the receptionist on the phone that I should open the door for another person who would be joining us. That is when I met Sulocan, a girl from Nepal.
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photo by: Fitnessguru729