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I had great plans for today... I would bike downtown and then go to the climbing gym to meet new people and maybe get some climbing partners... Maybe not, there is a special store called the Barnes & Noble, a bookstore. I knew when I was coming in that I would probably spend too much time there but I took the risk anyway. In the end I did spend too much time there and came out with only one book: Day Hikes Around Bozeman. But since I spent too much time in the so called mall I didn't have time to go climbing. I call it the so called mall, since when you say the word mall people tend to imagine a huge shopping center with I don't know how many stores, well the Gallatin Mall has I think about ten stores and a cinema... not that I really care, but just don't get the wrong idea
When I finally arrived at the climbing gym it was already half past three. Since I was said that I was going to be back at around 5 and it would take me at least a half an hour to get home I thought it best not to waste $13 on one entry which would not last more than an hour. So I wrote my name and contact information in the book for people who were looking for climbing partners and wrote down several numbers of people who had written in the book. The climbing gym isn't too big but there are a lot of routes. There is quite a big boulder room and then there is a climbing part where one can choose between routes that are toproped or a route that has to be led. If you want to see how the climbing gym looks like you can visit their website:
When I left the climbing gym I went downtown again to look for a bedspread, this is apparently an impossible thing to find here. After being extremely frustrated by the fruitless search for a bedspread made out of white cotton which wouldn't be too expensive I returned home. Climbing will have to come sometime this week...
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photo by: ejames01